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Author Topic: Many Hours, Still a Noob.  (Read 8767 times)


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Many Hours, Still a Noob.
« on: January 04, 2022, 07:20:23 AM »
Hello All, Mature player here with lots of hours but never really progressed passed Noob. I started playing to help my kids learn to read and write better while I was also working full time. Kids are grown and gone and I’m retired with lots of play time available and I have a lot of questions and many things I just can’t figure out alone.  I’m hoping  this forum will help answer a lot and maybe make a few friends too.  I’m a Floridian retired from the K-12 school system in Florida. I now play thirty hours plus a week but I'm hitting a wall.
I had a disappointing event tonight and will share at the end of this post.  It’s not meant as Blitch session, just a few thoughts about how I found my way here and one of many examples of why I haven’t moved beyond WvE or considered a guild or even pick up grouping to learn new skills. Please don’t’ read more into the following than it's just me sharing.  Thanks

No  complaint against the guild or your folks that perform great as Commanders on TT but I really need to vent. I’ve been a GW2 player for quite a while, only as a solo player, never attempting anything requiring working as a group.  Recently I’ve ventured into WvW, raids and dungeon’s.  Tonight, I decided to take a shot at TT and the Commander I tagged up with was Kaelik Wau doing Cobalt.  I listened (read) the instructions more than once and thought I understood. However maybe three minutes into the event I was kicked from the squad.  Out of respect for his efforts managing the squad  I waited until the raid was over and then attempted to contact Kaelik to ask what I had done wrong to get kicked. I was apparently blocked and never could contact him.  My thoughts are twofold, One: I honestly believe a seasoned player who chooses to be a commander should have taken time to actually come to me and explain at some point what I had done wrong.  I was next to him at the close of the event trying to contact him until he left. To be fair I didn’t use the “say” chat I guess I was perhaps embarrassed to have been kicked.  If I don't know I'll probably do it again.    Two: blocking me from contacting him has left me wondering if playing with a group or ever considering someday joining a guild to learn more is actually right for me.  Thank you for the opportunity to vent.  You're commanders are good at what they do.

Nova Lelie

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Re: Many Hours, Still a Noob.
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2022, 09:50:58 PM »
Dear Omega,

It sounds you had a bad experience, I am sorry for that. Unfortunatly according to guild information it has been a very long time since this player has been online and they are also not an active commander for PSDH anymore. Therefor there is nothing I can do for you regarding that. PSDH does have organised Triple Trouble runs every sunday (see google calender on the banner for times), you are welcome to come join one of these and tag along with me on a Cobalt run. I hope you will have a better experience with our organised run and ofcourse you can ask any questions then.

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