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Title: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Nova Lelie on July 31, 2016, 01:21:57 pm
Sooo .. over the last few weeks I had a lot of people asking me how to join a Raid team. Unfortunatly I do not have the time myself to start and guide a new team. But I wanted to give YOU a topic to respond too. So this topic is for all people that want to join a Raid team, doesn't matter if you have done one before or not. Making a team is about learning how to work together to get past the mechanics and get an awesome kill. So if you are interested to put some time and work into creating a new succesful team, please sign up here!

For convience it would be handy if you specify the following:

- Accountname
- Classes that you can bring and level of confidence on that class in normal pve 1-10 (10 being most confident)
- How much experience you have in raids (none at all / a little / quite a bit / loads)

If enough people sign up you can then start looking for a day (preferably not during psdh scheduled events ;) )

So don't be shy .. give it a go .. and hopefully after some weeks get a first kill on the Vale Guardian  8)
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: sen on July 31, 2016, 01:29:57 pm
Oh! I want to try raiding! *waves wildly*

- I have 2 accounts, sen.6140 and kieri.8163. Still working on compplete ascended...)
- Classes are Ele (9) and Necro (5, just learning right now, will get better soon)
- I have no experience at all with raiding :(
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: sirli on July 31, 2016, 01:33:38 pm
I can pitch in on a non-regular basis, I have done all bosses at lest once.

I have fully geared Elementalist, Condi Warrior, Rev and Scepter Guardian
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Banes on August 01, 2016, 12:52:47 am
My schedule is a bit chaotic, but I do play a lot - so I cannot sign up as part of the static team.  However, if I am around and you need another player, I'm always willing to join.

Account Name: Banes.2613
Classes:  Chrono (7) (Utility/DPS Build) and Tempest (4) (Fresh Air DPS Build).
Raid Experience:  Very little, I have watched quite a few videos and tried VG a handful of times with a training group as Chrono, no kills yet.

Working on getting the Chronotank build ready as well but it'll take some time.
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: MacGyver on August 01, 2016, 05:04:30 pm
- Accountname: Meredith.9503
- Ranger/Druid (8.), Herald (9), Condi necro (5).  Herald is best geared 2 piece asc missing
- How much experience you have in raids (none at all / a little / quite a bit / loads)
I've been raiding in various MMO since around 2007. I haven't raided yet in this game so would need to learn the fights, etc.

I would also need some initial support in selecting appropriate build/gear and knowing what buff foods, etc to bring. Have all class at 80 bar thief/guard.

Edit: nice smiley 8)
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Genesis on August 02, 2016, 08:37:26 pm
-Account name: Genesis.8062
-Ele (80), and leveling a Revenant actively (41 as of now). Haven't even touched HoT content yet though so I know absolutely nothing about masteries
-I have raided a bit in WoW but not at all in GW2, so basically complete newbie =P

Basically I'm a complete scrub so would need a lot of help and prep time to be ready for raiding. Having said that though I would very much like to raid once I am finally ready for it ^^
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: arukAdo on August 03, 2016, 01:04:13 pm
Just a quick post for making myself visible, im available on thursday, saturday and sunday nights (member of the tuesday/friday team), experienced mostly on first wing, can do all roles/classes (heal/tank/condi/power).
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Haku on August 03, 2016, 09:37:59 pm
I'd be interested in joining a new raid team. Account name is Haku.6582

I have 80's of all classes and full ascended armour/weapons/trinkets. Class I would prefer to bring would be either PS Warrior (9), Herald (8.), Chrono (8.) or condi Necro (4).

I don't have any GW2 raiding exprience. Willing to listen and learn  :)
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Kuroi on August 05, 2016, 02:11:33 pm
- Accountname: KuroiAirisu.7318
- Classes that you can bring and level of confidence on that class in normal pve 1-10 (10 being most confident): Ranger 9, Thief 7, Ele 5 (only as condi for the TT).
- How much experience you have in raids : non at all.

Would like to learn the healer role or (proper) condi.
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: hallowedhearth on August 08, 2016, 05:05:59 pm
- hallowedhearth.1592
- Tempest w/full Asc + Legendary Staff and Wings (10)
- Been raiding for over a decade, but not on GW2.  I've been playing since launch day.

If there's a spot open, my schedule is officially unhindered as of today!  I'd love to join you all.
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Oroiba on August 09, 2016, 07:32:24 pm
-Prince Vassago.4962
-Reaper w/close to full asc Viper with rune of Thorns (9)
-Raid experience: VG & Gorse, know tacts for ca all encounters. Did a lot of raiding in WoW. 2/3 eternal

Ca. allways open, would love to learn more
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Nova Lelie on August 11, 2016, 07:13:39 pm
Congratulations! 10 people signed up, you've got yourselfs a raid group :)

And that within only 2 weeks.. Also if you just read this and think you missed your chance.. dont worry! Just continue on under here and who knows in 2 weeks from now we have got another group.
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Bezglutek on August 13, 2016, 10:34:46 am
Same as arukAdo, I'm in the team raiding tuesday & friday evenings/nights, but if you ever miss someone I'll gladly join as ranged dps or healer (full asc for ranger, exotic on healer - working on asc). Lately I'm playing less often, but if I'm online and you need a replacement feel free to contact me.
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Mattehue on August 14, 2016, 09:34:26 pm
- Mattehue.6052
- Chronomancer (Utility DPS) 7-8/10
- Daredevil 8/10
- Tempest 6/10
- Hardly any experience in Raids. Maybe except the first bunch in FFXIV? That's all! I am however, eager to learn how to raid successfully in Guild Wars.

Currently free every night and weekend - I basically have no life other than work and games - so I am good to go!
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Injeka on August 20, 2016, 11:22:23 pm
- inyeca.9403

- Tempest 9/10
- Engi (condi) 9/10
- Chrono (not as a tank) 7/10
- Herald 7/10
- Daredevil 6/10
- Dragonhunter 6/10
- Druid 5/10
- Berserker (condi or power PS) 5/10

So far, i have some experience with each of the first bosses/events in each wing,
but haven't killed anything
know a lot of the theory, but no time or people to practice

and i'm around most evening :)
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Kuroi on August 22, 2016, 09:43:20 pm
Praise the Sun and prepare to die:)
We have 14 people (the moment) for a new team. Time to find a day for.
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1i4gRS9vrrdTDWxHt4WwyMeb13AKl0KKsrNmspFpOYM4/edit?usp=sharing (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1i4gRS9vrrdTDWxHt4WwyMeb13AKl0KKsrNmspFpOYM4/edit?usp=sharing)
Please mark the days when you would have time to participate (Green for yes, Red for no) and your preferred role (condi/tank/dps/healer).

If you are not on the list or I somehow missed your name, but you want to be on the Team please just write your name in the list:)

When we get the day settled we will go for our first try :)
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: arukAdo on August 25, 2016, 11:43:26 am
Sry for late reply on this, ive actually filled up my squares, but just as a heads up, its been 2 weeks the team2 actually didnt raid... for various reasons im starting to wonder if its actually going to hold up, maybe we should start considering to not make "teams" but rather just days where you register for raid, between the 14 ppl here and the 5 always ending up shorts on tuesday and friday... thats 2 group yeah but theres zero raiding atm.

Now i can understand this look like a bad call, for the sake of ... group consistency?
But the fact is we arent raiding at all, and pulling ppl from a stack to make 1 raid group, or 2 raid group in best case scenario, in practice it would work a billion time better than what we have now, and you wouldnt care much about having "spare" rdy at the moment it matter.

Edit: to be more clear, maybe we should rather consider this as an event, like for teq, we gather on ts at a given time, if theres 10ppl we make one raid, if theres 20ppl we make two raid, if theres 15 ppl, the 5 extra can either decide to call it a day (like when have no condi/not enought eggblock...) or to recruit more ppl in the guild chat or lfg in last resort. We would just need one or two coordinator (commander...) to handle this kind of thing.
Like for an open world event, if you come late, well we cant do much about it, sometime you may fill a gasp or sometime it will be full.
The coordinator job will be just about to maintain list of active ppl, their role, adding ppl to the list (verify theyr role, that they have right gear for exemple, link them to tutorials...) or removing inactive ones.

Back when they tryed to do raids as classical events, it failed mostly because nobody had any idea what they was doing, its been a year now and things changed, even gear by itself is slightly easier to acquire, its maybe time to give it another try, as a guild event rather than scattered teams across the roster.
The worse that could happen is... we dont raid... and we arent raiding atm lol.

PS: Im aware this is summer and some ppl are probly just in vacation, I dont think it invalidate my point.

Edit 2: I was actually pointed out that I was essentially "complaining" and "nagging" about raids, so I will just leave at this, you guys do like you want and Ill mostly no longer make suggestions or be pro-active on the subject... Im game if anybody want or need me but ill just avoid forum and talking about this as its seem to be corrosive subject.
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Kuroi on August 26, 2016, 09:39:03 pm
This is an interesting point you make.

Your team did not raid for two weeks in summer/holiday season. I do not agree that this does not influence the presents during raiding time. Not only because people are away for a trip, but also for other activities like BBQ, Biergarte (PUBs with a garden no clue what it is called in English) and so on. I see it myself that I choose rather an evening with a bear and friends then the TT especially if the weather is as fine as at the moment. Everyone wants to make use of the nice weather. Not everyone is a hardcore every free second of his/hers life gamer and as far as I remember we are not a guild for only hardcore gamers. People have families (wives, husbands and children). It is rather normal that during summertime there is a low frequency. You pointed it out by yourself that sometimes we have a problem to find enough people to run our standard events (Teq, TT and so on). I am not saying that after the summer break everything will be fine, but just wait it out a bit.

With your idea to make it a guild event I can see some issues. It will end up in the way that if there are 15 people there will always be the same 10 who gonna be raiding and 5 who will either go with random people or call it a day. So they will not be raiding at all. I would rather suggest, if your group won't be able to assemble to simply dissolve your group and either marge what left of it with the new one or create a new one. If this still does not work out for you there are also guilds specialized in raiding and I am quit sure if you bring up this matter in the guild chat someone will be able to direct you to a guild like this.

Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: arukAdo on August 27, 2016, 01:15:55 am
Thats kinda was my point yeah, the 5 ppl "left out" from 15 are not forcably going to be that much left out, today we were 5 (so we was the left out...) and in less than 10min we gathered 5 more just from gchat, same happened last week.

We are not hardcore, and never the intention was to support that, on the contrary, we are taking "beginners" and yeah if it was just for me, I would simply lfg.
Im not posting this for myself, as pointed out the question is do we want to help ppl gather and do raid, especially the casual ppl, I was kinda told (and this topic support that I guess) that there was a demand for raiding.

Im not exactly sure how mental it is to not do something for the sake of ppl that would be left out, when in practice, the left out ppl make it trought with gchat anyway, but if it has to be like this, be it.

When theres not enought ppl for TT, commander has the option to call it out, we always fill up the map with lfg, and even with 30ppl on ts for cobalt it can fail, no hurt taken usually.
It may not be comparable in term of difficulty or commitment, but yeah we are not hardcore so a 100% kill rate for every session isnt exactly important either.

Again, not saying this like its something important for my own little person, ive 14 ascended armor and if I need my loot I know how to get it, its really not the point, it happen to be summer and ive mentioned it, but I dont think its any revelant, it was also summer in july and there was beer and bbq too.

Likewise about disolving or merging teams, im all fine about it and its not up to me to call it or demand it, I simply didnt mention that because my point wasnt about to "terminate" my team, but rather to enhance the way we are doing raids.

Edit: I was told it would look better if we label this as practice runs, while it remain the same thing (ie: accept anybody on the premise they at least whilling to have correct gear...) if that sound better than just raid run, I think nobody will have a problem with it :p
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: rukia on August 31, 2016, 08:03:29 pm
I would be interested in raiding

- rukia.5497
- Elementalist (Rabi En Rose), full ascended armor, full ascended backpack and trinkets, 7/10, I'm not really good at the rotation on the class.
  Thief (Ritsuka Hamaki), one piece of ascended armor, rest being built, full ascended backpack and trinkets, 9/10, rotation is a lot easier on this class, and I have been leaning towards this class more lately
- Very very little raid experience, I have completed the escort raid and slaying Mcleod boss, I died a little at the boss.

during the week I work at evenings, currently til 9pm, but could be nights where I don't work at all, so I'm unsure, weekends are my own, so I'm always going to be free at weekends
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Kuroi on September 01, 2016, 02:59:52 pm
Hello Rukia,
Just fill out this:
So we can settle a date
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Logarithmic on October 22, 2016, 11:26:41 am
Hey all,

I would be interested in joining a raid, I had little experience using a staff daredevil
-I have a chronotank build on my mesmer that I use often but was not able to get it on raids, but I'm decent on rotation 7/10 on this class(full ascended gear commander armor/weapons berserker trinkets)
-A Necromancer condi build 5/10 (new build)
-A fresh air tempest build 8/10
-I have a lvl 80 druid that I am looking to get ready to do raids but im not sure what build to pick
-I have 500 gold in reserve to spend on any of these characters to make them more suitable for raids.
- up till january I have time to do raids regularly on all time slots

I hope there is still a slot available for me and Im willing to invest my gold and time to get raid ready!
Title: Re: Joining / Creating a Raid team
Post by: Celazer on November 24, 2016, 05:24:15 am
Ele full DPS or full HEALER both 10/10
Unfortunately my only char.
Have cleared VG and escort only, quick learner, alot of free time after work and willing to dedicate myself for HC raiding.
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