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Title: Help me PSDH-Wan, you are my friendlier hope...
Post by: Balthamel on September 23, 2019, 05:59:50 pm
As any (or none) of you may have noticed it has been several weeks since my last log in [oh my god, has there been any purge?... T_T ]
I did not lose interest in the game, I tried to log in one day as usual and get kickfaced by a login error out of nowhere. I thought of a lot of things, wrong password, hackers and stuff, but the fact is that it still won't accept my password and so I started the beautiful process of changing it via arenanet. And this is where my patience run out. I wasn't receiving any email, especially authentication ones, from them, so I gave up on the matter for a time, but now the need of some tyria and old psdh stuff is rising, so I tried again sending a couple of tickets to Anet.
They answered quite quickly this time, inviting me to change the email of the account (thing that only they can do as much as i was able to understand on the wesite)
So it seems a bit of a cursed circle to me. but maybe I am missing something
My question here is: is there anyone who has already been through this process and that can trow me a life jacket?  My anxiety is taking over. Is this even the right place to post this kind of topic? aaaaargh
Title: Re: Help me PSDH-Wan, you are my friendlier hope...
Post by: Nova Lelie on September 24, 2019, 07:06:25 pm

That is a very annoying problem! Unfortunatly I have no idea what to do except for stalking their costumer service to help you fix it. From my experience (working at complaints departments of different companies) it does help to try to reach out, also on social media / reddit if the regular way doesn't fix it. Companies do care about their online image and you might find someone who can offer a different solution. 

I would also advise to ask in our Discord server, you will reach more people that way and perhaps find someone who has a more clear solution.

Hope to see you back online soon <3


P.S. I checked your status, you are still Dragon Hunter
Title: Re: Help me PSDH-Wan, you are my friendlier hope...
Post by: xxmykaxx on September 29, 2019, 02:31:34 pm
What I don't understand is that you can't log in and that results in needing an email change?

I had some access issues in the past, but it never came to changing my mail (i would have flat out refused anyways).
From my experience, I just had to name a certain amount of characters I had, how old they were, names, level, with did on XYZ dates.

So what is the blocking issue with them?
From both times we had issues at home, it was resolved in a matter of days. (We do have a habit of taking screenshots etc)
Title: Re: Help me PSDH-Wan, you are my friendlier hope...
Post by: Balthamel on September 30, 2019, 11:03:57 am
The main problem was that even trying everything, I could not receive any email from anet, suddenly after the millionth time I tried it worked...
That to me only prove the amount of influence of PSDH on anet :)
It seems that also my pc has come to reason so I will be able to go back roaming tyria from now on
See you in game beautiful people and ty
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