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Title: PSDH Wonderful Wintersday Party
Post by: Nova Lelie on December 16, 2020, 09:35:24 pm
Hellooo PSDH,

Christmas time is already all around us, music everywhere, lights shining at night and although we are mostly locked down, we will have some coronaproof festivities with the PSDH Wonderful Wintersday Party on December 23rd!

So come and join us, warm yourself at the fire, get some hot drinks and join in the festivities. Of course there will be plenty of Wintersday gifts to go around too :)

We will do an Advent Calendar game, for those not familiar with it, be sure to be on Teamspeak to hear quiz questions. Groups will be 3-4 members , make sure at least one of the group members is able to speak on Teamspeak.  There are 24 questions/squares and each has a prize assigned to it for the team to win. If the question is not answered correctly, the square stays active for another team to pick.

Besides that we will create a slippery course to run. First one that slides over the finish line is the winner!

Afterwards we have time for Freezy strike, Tixx Infinarium and Toypocalypse to complete our wintery night of fun.

Festivities start at 19.30UK / 20.30 EU on December 23rd.

P.S. Bring your own gluhwein/hot chocolate

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