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Title: Some Observations
Post by: Takami on June 14, 2014, 04:54:48 pm
I was invited to play with a French group a while back, so I went along.

These guys were very good, it went surprisingly smoothly. It was like an efficient machine. First time was a fail, by mere seconds, that was because they didn't have enough hooks. All the other wurms went down.

They activated it again immediately a second time - this time with success.

It's important we can work towards affording to do this ourselves, this will allow us better odds at success. If we get close, chances are we have the right people in the right place at the right time. Wait for later, people might have other commitments.

Some tactics we've not employed before, that we should:
In collection of the red/green/blue phytotoxin, (which is the *easiest* of the three heads in my opinion), they DPS'd to about 5% of its health then backed off. At 5% they filled in red and yellow, but not blue. They wait for the other two heads to catch up. - This is important, as we've had good runs go awry before because of overdps - Doing this helps overcome mindless zerging.

Burn phases were EFFICIENT. might was stacked, people did hefty damage. We often underdps burn phases, especially on the harder heads.

One final thing to note: we have yet to experience the next phase - killing the heads themselves. Ideally we want to get them up against a wall. They hit hard, and people should stack. Chaotic wandering might be a horrific (and likely) downfall (which we should prepare for if we make it past the first phase).
Title: Re: Some Observations
Post by: Rediarel on June 15, 2014, 10:19:42 am
Actually we already employ the stop dps tactics at 5% just most of the times only crimson could get to that point.
Under DPS is definitely a big issue be it caused by wrong fields or lacking of classes. Yesterday i barely had 9 might maximum using my self might skills.
The two changes to the strategy I've applied yesterday were a success (I've to thank TTS for them). One allows a more clean escort and gives more time for dry runs (limited amount of people only for the escort the rest goes to the wurm arena directly), the second allows to get to the first burn phase immediately (charging of all color buffs on spawn).

There are other two things, which I didn't see done by European communities. They might be attempted to see if they are better:
- Instead of blue, not charging red waiting for sync point, but I'm not really sure this makes much difference.
- Instead of going up to yellow then back to red and blue and then back tracking, running in a circular fashion between extractors, it seemed to speed up considerably charging in the attempts I've seen it done (it's doable as there is a small passage on the wall near the yellow extractor allowing to go directly to blue.

Anyway as I always say commanders aren't the core of getting an event done, it's the whole group so keep it up!
Title: Re: Some Observations
Post by: Takami on June 15, 2014, 12:54:53 pm
Of course! I wasn't saying commanders were the core! Just as a whole people should be trying to improve :)

Further obs: did some debuffing this time
as ele, bring focus, use obs flesh, mist form and fortify (shield skill) to block eggs. The spot you have to stand is quite narrow.

When running the barrels, the group killed pirates first, count down to pick up barrels then ran to a nearby rock formation and placed walls to protect the party, 321 again rushed to the drop spot. If coming from the dry-ground side, they also dropped veils for the barrel carriers. Don't normally do this head, so not sure if this differs any from PSDH. No dedicated clearing group as far as I could tell though, clearing happened mainly when waiting for other groups to catch up or if the pressure became too high.
Title: Re: Some Observations
Post by: Rediarel on June 15, 2014, 05:02:02 pm
yes, french community mostly uses the same strategy of gw2community, which is the same we use ourselves as well, except some minor modifications.

In europe it's probably the german community which has most changes to that basic strategy. They were the first at doing egg by egg during escort and they have everyone in a stack then take x of a class y of another class and so on and then they do the 3 wurm groups with what remains. TTS in NA servers goes an extra length on this effort by having everyone stack by class and wurm (so 3 stacks for guardians, 3 stacks for rangers...) they count each one then have them go to each wurm main stack.
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