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Title: Guide to condi as an Elementalist
Post by: Montu on November 26, 2014, 08:50:52 pm
Hey guys, Montu here and this is a quick guide on how to condi the husks as an Elementalist during the Triple Trouble event (click on the link below for the build).



Rabid is obviously the best choice of armor for this build. Apart from the condition damage boost it also gives toughness for defense, and precision that is useful for phase 2.
I chose Superior Rune of the Krait as upgrade for the armor for two reasons; first it’s a really cheap rune with wonderful condition boosts; second, thanks to this rune, while attuned to Earth your main skill will deal almost 17 seconds of bleeding with every Stone Shards cast.

Rabid Trinkets are also used for this build. Regarding upgrades, I know what some of you might think, “Why did you choose Emerald? Why not Chrysocola or Coral?” for which I answer that both are a nice choice, but the reason I chose Emerald is that it helps during phase 2. You may choose any of the other 2 if you like.

If you are low on gold but have karma to spare, a full set of rabid armor can be bought from the Temple of Lyssa, while a full set of rabid trinkets (including back item) can be bought from the Temple of Dwayna.

Rabid weapons (naturally) are needed for this build for the same reason as the armor.  As far as sigils go I chose Superior Sigil of Corruption for the boost.
Sigil of Torment is my second choice of sigil because, come on guys it’s Torment, one of the strongest conditions in GW2 especially when considering how much running around the husks will be doing.

Skill Rotation

Traits chosen are quite straight forward so I don’t think it’s really necessary to go through them one by one, meaning that I will go straight to skills rotation.

Usually Elementalists are teamed with a Necromancer, so this guide will be written with that in mind.

So that’s it guys, a condi Ele fit to kill the husks. If you have any questions or need any clarifications do not hesitate to contact me in game (Tristan Montu) or leave a reply in this post.
Title: Re: Guide to condi as an Elementalist
Post by: Dobie on November 26, 2014, 10:32:20 pm

Well, you might not know me, I stopped doing events with PSDH (or generally open world PvE) a long time ago. Still I regularly check this forum when I'm bored and I love making/perfecting builds.

Just some thoughts regarding your guide:

In your rotation:
What about putting a Phoenix after a Ring of Fire for 3 additional stacks of might? 3 stacks of might should increase your condi-damage by about 7%. At only 1/4 seconds cast time it sounds worth it to me.

Pretty good but did you consider taking Strength of Stone (Earth VII) as Grandmaster? You shouldn't really need the passive effects of the signets and you gain another 15% more condi-damage.

Torment looks good but the Sigil or Earth looks replacable to me. Ignoring the fact that you should cap 25 stacks easily with Ice Storm + Churning Earth + Signet of Earth + earth autoattacks/nearby necro - Corruption looks like a way better choice, 15+% more condition damage (if you get stacks beforehand and don't die). Or Frailty... although I honestly have no idea if Vulnerability works with Conditions.

Finally regarding utilities:
That heal? Well, you can use it offensively (3 might if cast in fire) and it heals you for a fair amount. I'd definitely go for Arcane Brilliance though. It's a blast finisher giving 3 might for you AND nearby allies when cast in your Ring of Fire. It gives 3 might for 5 allies in phase 2 or generally burn phases. And the healing isn't really inferior to the Glyph.
And why the Signet of Fire? You already have perma burning on your husk and should trigger Blinding Ashes every 5 seconds (ICD). So the active effect is basically useless. The passive effect increases your precision which is kinda nice... but did you consider taking Arcane Wave? It's an insta-cast blast finisher. You honestly can't ever have enough of them. :p

If my calculations are not mistaken and I didn't miss obvious flaws in my suggestions you could deal about 40+% more condi-damage to your husk while also providing way more group utility.
Well, I hope this helps you. :)
Title: Re: Guide to condi as an Elementalist
Post by: Montu on November 27, 2014, 10:05:23 am
I don't really see the need for Phoenix in the chain. I know Phoenix will blast the Ring of Fire which means Might, but as a condi you will be dodging and running around a lot, else the husk will be knocking you back and giving you parasites endlessly. What I'm trying to say is that there is no guarantee that you will still be in the circle when it reaches the husk.

You can use Strength of Stone if you like, but I prefer having the passive effects of the signets while still being able to use them, especially during phase 2.

Yes, Sigil of Earth can be replaced, in fact I will update the guide. I did not think that 1 through =P

For heal I prefer having the Glyph of Elemental Harmony during phase 1 for the protection (while attuned to Earth). But I like the idea of switching to Arcane Brilliance during phase 2.

For the other utilities, I can see Signet of Earth being replaced but not Signet of Fire because 30% chance is not perma burning =P

Still, thank you for your feedback and will update the guide accordingly.
Title: Re: Guide to condi as an Elementalist
Post by: Dobie on November 27, 2014, 02:30:37 pm
Isn't Ring of Fire cast around you? You will stand in it anyway and can just immediately follow up with Phoenix.

Also the husk is burning permanently because of Ring of Fire and Dragon's tooth mostly. The trait only helps keeping it up. Signet of Earth looks pretty useful, I wouldn't replace that.
Title: Re: Guide to condi as an Elementalist
Post by: Montu on November 27, 2014, 02:33:33 pm
Yes it is, but experience thought me never to stand in the same place when fighting the husks, not even that split of a seconds for Phoenix
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