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Title: Guild Ranks and Purge
Post by: Mr_Dark on February 17, 2015, 07:05:05 pm
Guild Ranks and Purge
General information about each guild rank and what happens during the (bi-)monthly guild purge.

PSDH Guild Ranks
The following guild ranks are available in PSDH that you need to be aware of as a member:

Guild Rep Check Policy
As described in the PSDH Etiquette, all members should represent PSDH during official PSDH events. Every one or two months we will change the rank of all members to “Frog Hunter”. To maintain an active status in PSDH, you will have to attend at least one raid per month whilst representing PSDH. Every raid you attend you should try to represent PSDH, for two reasons:
If you did attend a raid while representing and your status did not get changed please contact one of the coordinators or commanders on TeamSpeak to help you out.  Make sure to include which raid you were attending and which commanders were leading the raid. If you feel your status was set back to "Frog Hunter" in error, please do the same.

Before the next purge phase (every one or two months), all members who have the "Prospect" or "Frog Hunter" rank will be removed from the guild. Anyone who got removed from the guild is free to resubmit an application to rejoin PSDH.

"Dragon Hunter" rank, what does it mean?
The "Dragon Hunter" rank is used to see which members are active in PSDH. You only have to join one raid whilst representing PSDH after each purge phase to have your rank set back to "Dragon Hunter". This is done to ensure PSDH only contains active members.

How do I get the "Dragon Hunter" rank?
To have your rank changed to "Dragon Hunter" is pretty simple:
During raids coordinators and commanders will check the guild roster and promote everyone who fulfils these two requirements.

If after a raid your rank was not changed, please contact one of the commanders or coordinators on TeamSpeak and give them information about the raid you joined and which commanders were organizing the event. They will gladly help you out.

What if I cannot represent PSDH because of my 100% rep guild?
If you cannot represent PSDH then, depending on the numbers, we will either implement a unique rank for these members or during each purge phase you will be required to send an in-game mail to a commander or coordinator.

Why has my rank been changed to "Frog Hunter"!
When a new purge phase starts all members with the "Dragon Hunter" rank will be set back to the "Frog Hunter" rank.

What happens during the Purge?
The purge phase is a monthly/bimonthly event in which guild maintenance is done to clean up any members who are deemed inactive in PSDH.
If you were removed from the guild during a purge, you may always send a new guild application (http://psdh.eu/index.php?action=form;n=1) to rejoin PSDH.
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