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General Chat / Build Templates 101
« on: February 14, 2020, 09:28:19 pm »
It was brought to my attention recently that some people haven't wrapped their head around the build template system implemented last year so for those people and anyone else who is interested...

General Chat / Re: [RL] Meeting 2017 - Official Thread
« on: October 15, 2016, 09:33:01 pm »
Hey - remember me? :)
I've reserved a spot - assuming I've not been worked to death by next August :/

Sweet / Lemon Feather Cake (Celiac-Friendly)
« on: August 29, 2016, 01:25:42 pm »
Just thought I'd put this one out there as it's a cake that celiac people can enjoy as it's made with potato starch. 
That's not to say you can't enjoy it without being gluten-intolerant too ;)

Lemon Feather Cake

1 lemon, zest & juice
6 large eggs (separated)
275g / 10oz caster sugar
150g / 5 1/2oz potato flour

284ml (1/2 pint) carton of double or whipping cream
225ml (8 fl.oz) lemon curd or 100ml (3.5 fl.oz) of lemon liqueur (limoncello)

(fl. oz = fluid ounces, UK imperial measure)
+ icing sugar for dusting

Preheat oven to Gas Mark 4 / 180C (or 160C for fan oven) (360F / 320F in old money)

Butter either a 25cm (10") moule à manqué or 23cm (9") springform tin; line the base with buttered greaseproof paper and dust all with caster sugar then potato flour.

Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar and lemon juice and zest, in an electric mixer for 3-5 mins, until stiff and mousse-like.  Fold in the potato flour until smooth.

Whisk the egg whites in a clean bowl until stiff and fold into the other mixture, then turn the base mix into the tin.

a) for moule à manqué tin : 35mins, until just firm, loosen edges, then turn out onto rack after 5 mins. (the cake will sink slightly).

b) for spring-form tin : 20 mins at 180C/160C[fan],(Gas4) for 20 mins, then reduce heat to 170C/150C[fan], (Gas3) for another 20-25 mins.  remove tin and allow to cool

When cold, split the cake into two

Filling the Cake
a) fold the lemon curd into lightly-whipped cream or
b) whip the cream, add the limoncello liqueur and then whip until stiff. 

Apply to base, assemble and liberally dust top with icing sugar (or get creative). 


General Chat / They Mostly Come At Night....
« on: March 24, 2016, 09:11:30 pm »

Happy Easter everyone :)

General Chat / Re: How to behave towards other players in a game
« on: July 23, 2015, 01:36:29 am »
To follow on from Darkward's post, and whether or not the OP sees this response, I regret that anyone felt the need to post it in the first place.  I always hope that PSDH generally has a good reputation and I want to know if someone is seriously bad-mouthing etc. other players.  If someone is getting out of hand in public chat channels I will (if I see it) ask them to rein it in a bit, but I'm not omniscient - if my attention is elsewhere or if there's stuff being said in /say chat that's out of range I won't know about it

I've said it before and will say it again: I will not tolerate bigotry, racist, homophobic or misogynistic comments from guild members.   I suspect that a great deal of the chat which could be seen as 'verbal attacks' are misunderstood map-chats between people that know each other well-enough to not take offense.  However if other people are misunderstanding / taking offense at what is being said then we all need to take the time to think about what we say in public channels and how we say it.  It is all too easy for someone to take something out of context or misinterpret what was intended as banter as something more offensive.

That said, we all get frustrated from time to time especially if there are trolls on the map... if someone is looking to get into a verbal sparring match with us there are those in the guild who will oblige... personally I try to make a joke out of it and if they continue to be obnoxious I just block them when it becomes apparent that they're going to be intransigent...

To reiterate Dark's point about 'claiming' a map; we do not do this to exclude anyone, or to be arrogant or blow our own trumpets... rather to announce that we are there to avoid clashing with another guild organisation and indeed to invite non members to join us.  PSDH is all about facilitating the large events for people who might not otherwise get the opportunity to enjoy them: if we do get annoyed with people in map chat it is generally those who seem to go out of their way to prevent us from succeeding in getting as many people participating as possible.  Because those non-members cannot see guild chat and we generally do try to provide some semblance of organisation the easiest way to establish interested numbers and communicate to them directly is via Teamspeak, so we invite them to join us. 

Asking people if they wouldn't mind switching maps when a map is just that: a request.  It is not an order - and certainly not something we can enforce.  Personally I always try to ask as politely as possible.  it's done simply as a means by which we hope to increase the number of people participating in the event.  If you're (for example) farming candy-corn at Barrier Camp, or doing Sparkfly daily events, you can do those on any map instance and get the same experience: simply logging to the character select screen and back in again will probably log you into a different map instance and enable someone who was trying to join the event to be able to get into the map.

TT Wurm and, to a lesser extent, Tequatl require a certain minimum number for success and because of the way the events are timed we often end up with a map instance where we have people stuck outside wanting to join but unable to do so because the map has capped (about 150 people).  This is especially annoying where someone who turned up early for an event has DC'd / lagged out and is unable to rejoin the map because it is full of people who have no interest in doing 'the main event'.  Being stuck outside the map when all your guildies are doing an event is really frustrating!

Similarly, I'm sure we could do events without Teamspeak; at least Tequatl does not require any great amount of coordination these days.  The reasons we ask people to use Teamspeak are as follows:

1) It is easier to communicate to large numbers of people through voice chat, whilst doing the events... if you're typing then you're not moving or attacking.  Talking is quicker and generally less likely to be misunderstood.
2) As anyone who has commanded events knows, typing the same (or similar) things several times over will lead to in game chat messages getting suppressed, which you really don't want in the middle of an event.  Suddenly you can't communicate with people at all.  Sure, you can get some people to join squad chat which doesn't get suppressed, but a lot of people don't read even /say chat.  Talking is simply more effective and efficient than typing.

3) If you know an event well enough that you can do it and follow the commander with your eyes closed then good for you, but you are in the minority.  Far too many players still do not understand how the TT Wurm event really works, and will run around doing their own thing ignoring the commander because hey, it's GW2 - you can autoattack to win right?  Sorry but TT Wurm don't work that way.  If you find it's easy now that's because a lot of us spent a good few months failing it over and over, learning the hard way how the event works and most importantly sharing that information with others... mostly via Teamspeak! 

If you think that an uncoordinated map can beat the TT Wurm then I invite you to try pugging the event some time.  Believe me as commanders we can tell when who is on Teamspeak and who isn't.  Admittedly, TT Wurm is certainly easier now than it used to be - certainly there are people who have succeeded in the event many times and whilst it isn't necessary for every last person to be on TS, especially if you know the event, it is necessary to have a 'critical mass' of people to provide the 'core zerg' on which the others can stack. 

Anyone who thinks Amber or Cobalt can be done as an uncoordinated mass does not understand the finer points of the event.  Even if you know what to do, it is the commander's job to coordinate when everyone should do it (preferably at the same time).  If most of the zerg are not on TS then it gets very messy when, for example you think you should be running kegs but the commander has decided the beach needs cleaning of wurms or there was an eggblocking failure which was announced on TS, but hey, you didn't hear that because you're too uber to join us.

4) Teamspeak allows us to share /join (taxi) info via a channel which is specific to the event.  This is useful when we are establishing a map to get our members in place simply because you can copy text from TS to the game chat...text chat copy is something that is sadly lacking from the in-game chat window.  It prevents accidentally typing someone's name incorrectly and /joining on the wrong person and, if that person's name contains special characters that don't appear on your language keyboard it makes it possible to /join on them at all.

Furthermore, PSDH is a world boss guild comprising members from many guilds - some of whom require 100% repping.  We do not require people to rep PSDH during events but we do need to be able to communicate with them, both to inform them of upcoming events and to command during events. Teamspeak provides us with that facility without people necessarily having to rep PSDH all night.

Finally we often have a lot of fun in TS... if you're not joining then you're missing out ;)  Just to remind everyone (again) - the two core tenets of PSDH membership are - Play Nice (and be on TS for events!)

General Chat / Guardian Symbolic Avenger - Trait Disabled
« on: July 02, 2015, 06:48:38 pm »
In case you didn't know already... the bugged guardian trait that allowed the insane damage stacks has been (temporarily) disabled until they work our how to fix it properly. 

News & Announcements / Guild Purge: Completed
« on: June 26, 2015, 05:27:49 pm »
We will be performing a purge of guild members on [See last post]

Due to the limited guild management tools available to us this is currently the only means by which we can maintain a roster of members that are 'actively participating' in our events. 

If your rank is still 'Prospect' or 'Frog Hunter' then send a private message to a coordinator (on Teamspeak please) to let us know you are participating in our events.

When the purge occurs all current 'Dragon Hunters' will be set to the 'Frog Hunter' rank, and all Frog Hunters and Prospects that have not yet accepted their invitation will be kicked from the guild.  After the purge has been completed all Frog Hunters will need to send a private message to a coordinator (on Teamspeak at a PSDH event!) to have their 'Dragon Hunter rank re-assigned.

To ensure that you are not kicked from the guild during the purge please make sure that your member rank is currently set to 'Dragon Hunter' (or a more senior rank). 

If you are kicked you are free to reapply at a later date, but it's less effort all around to just get your rank set now ;)

Events / Feast Foods
« on: March 21, 2015, 02:52:23 pm »
I mentioned on guild chat that we are once again running low on feasts in the guild bank - I like to keep more than a couple of weeks' worth of food in there and we get through it at quite a rate.  So rather than asking for people's hard earned gold it would be nice if people can dig through your collectibles and see what you can spare. 

As requested here are a list of the recipes and ingredients for each of the foods we commonly use.  Broken-down in each case to their basic ingredients. As you can see below, the Rare Veggie Pizzas are especially component-heavy!

Feast of Orrian Steak Frites
10 Slab of red meat
10 Jar of vegetable oil
10 Lotus root
10 Bag of salt 
10 Black peppercorns

Feast of Truffle Steak
10 Stick of Butter
10 Snow Truffle
10 Orrian Truffle
10 Slab of Red Meat

Feast of Rare Veggie Pizzas
10 Snow Truffle
10 Orrian Truffle
10 Eggplant (account bound)
10 Artichoke
10 Bell Pepper (account bound)
10 Spinach Leaf
10 Shallot (account bound)
10 Mushroom
10 Portobello Mushroom
10 Cheese Wedge (account bound)
10 Bag of Flour
10 Stick of Butter
10 Jug of Water
10 Tomato (account bound)
10 Onion
10 Head of Garlic
10 Basil Leaf (account bound)

General Chat / Patch Borked
« on: March 16, 2015, 07:51:26 pm »
I can't get the patch to complete... stuck with 1 file remaining to download. >:( have no idea if I'll make it on for the TT Wurm tonight.  Sure you'll be fine without me though ;)

General Chat / Cyclenurse
« on: January 26, 2015, 01:54:19 am »
For anyone in PSDH who knows Cyclenurse (aka Sarsarun, Copernica, Skysailor or just plain Sally to her friends), I am very sad to have to let you know that she passed away this weekend  :'(

Sally was an early member of PSDH, joining with me from The Grey, but was (unlike me) content to play a supporting role in this guild.  If you knew her then you'll know what a kind and friendly person she was and those of us who were lucky enough to spend time gaming with her will remember her with great affection.

[edit] Our guildleader posted this tribute on the official GW2 forums In memory of Cyclenurse

News & Announcements / Re: Wintersday / Christmas / New Years Break
« on: December 24, 2014, 05:42:33 pm »
I may have been drunk but I got told that we made it into the second phase on the first attempt :P

You may have been drunk?  You may?? You were a skunk :-P

News & Announcements / Re: Wintersday / Christmas / New Years Break
« on: December 19, 2014, 11:18:06 pm »
Or at least record the massacre so we can use it to identify the mutilated remains of our corpses afterwards ;)

....I'm not selling this very well am I?

News & Announcements / Re: X-Mass / New Years Break
« on: December 19, 2014, 11:25:08 am »
Just thought I'd use this spot to say thanks to everyone who keeps showing up for our events... Mr_Dark for providing the Teamspeak (with 99.99% uptime!) and webpage, the other co-ordinators for making my life easier, the host of commanders and other veterans who show up time after time and quietly and efficiently organise their teams (condies & diboofers etc) so we hardly need to worry about it, and the relatively new guys for taking a chance on this slightly odd guild / alliance thing... hope you all have a great Wintersday :)

News & Announcements / Read This
« on: December 02, 2014, 01:51:23 am »
Tonight on the TT Wurm I saw something that surprised me - and I'm not talking about the DPS on Amber Wurm.  There were people making racist jokes in /say chat on the my stack while we were waiting for the spawn.  I know we have to wait around for the event and people get bored easily but there is no excuse for this... you have no idea of the ethnicity of the people you have been playing with on a daily basis for the last few months and I don't want anyone feeling uncomfortable because someone thinks 'black jokes' are funny

I'm going to say this once, so everyone is clear:
There is no place for racist*, or homophobic, or any other derogatory remarks directed at people based on their gender in this guild.  If you want to spout that crap go find another guild to play with.

If I see it again you will get one warning then you're out and for what it's worth I will also report your account to Anet.    I expect at least some measure of ethical behaviour from the people I game with.  Please show respect for other people, no matter who they are.

Okay, consider the Riot Act read.  Now let's get back to having fun

*unless you're
a) a human making Char jokes,
b) a Charr making human jokes,
c) a Norn, Charr, Human or Sylvari making Asura jokes
d) Anyone at all making jokes about Sylvari
e) Norn jokes aren't funny

P.S. Just in case you're wondering I am Caucasian.  I just despise bigots.

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