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Information & Signup can be found here (login required)

Easter Eggstravaganza Video
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News & Announcements / [ANN] Sad news
« on: June 17, 2019, 10:45:38 pm »
Hello PSDH. Today, I'm the bearer of sad news  :'(

After being with PSDH for more than 4 years our beloved coordinator/leader Gemgenie has decided to leave PSDH. Reasons being personal (nothing critical) and unresolvable argument between us leaders.

We are sad to see Gem leave us as she always brought joy and fun whenever she was with us on Teamspeak. If it wasn't for her and Nova to decide to meet up in the UK (and a few others basically inviting themselves for the ride), we wouldn't have the real-life meetups we organize each year. For me personally, it'll be like missing a hand as she was always there whenever I wanted to talk or needed to have a different look on something.

I think I'll speak for everyone who has ever spoken to Gem or followed her around when she was commanding, that we wish her the best of luck to whatever adventure she chooses next and she'll always have a piece of the PSDH heart.

Wupwup out.

General Chat / [VOTE] Discord changes
« on: June 16, 2019, 03:30:43 pm »
Update: Closed because not necesary anymore.

PSDH Discord… basically, guild chat, but you can also use it while not in-game.

In the beginning, our Discord was mainly used to facilitate the organization of our real-life meetup. Over the years it has grown to be an extension of the guild to socialize with members even when you’re at school/work or while visiting your grandparents.

Conversations ranging from PSDH/GW2 related to well... anything else. To facilitate this, we slowly expanded Discord with separate channels when we noticed certain topics would take over the main channel a lot of the time and basically block other conversations.

For a while, the PSDH member list does not contain only EU players, but we also have players from the US, Canada and the Middle East. That’s a lot of different time zones and different wake/sleep times and the reason for this topic.

This all links into why I’m writing this today. We’ve had multiple comments/suggestions from people whose phone kept sounding notifications due to new Discord messages, while they were still sleeping. Now you might say, “But Dark, Discord allows/recommends you to set channel notification settings so you don’t get spammed” or “But Dark, your phone as a Do Not Disturb option you can (automatically) turn on at night”, and I know, but their argument was that then they won’t be notified at all and might miss a conversation. PSDH is a social guild, so there should be a “social” solution for this.

The proposed solution is to create 2 “main” channels. One will be used during EU day/evening (say between 07:00UK/08:00EU - 11:00UK/12:00EU) and the other channel after/before those times. This way EU people can mute the “night” channel and anyone outside the EU timezone can mute the “day” channel. The switching between these two channels will not be policed by PSDH “management” but would have to be self-regulated by the Discord users.

Of course, the down-side of this solution is that conversations will be split into multiple channels, where the first part of the conversation can be in 1 channel and the rest in the other which can make it harder to follow. Or when you’re having a conversation and the times comes you’ll have to move to a different channel.

Because this is not a small change (as to just adding a new specific channel), I am reaching out to you today. I want to hear your opinion on this idea since most of you use Discord a lot more than me and I don’t want to implement something which may more people to stop using our Discord.

Voting can be done here - [removed] - Yey if you want the day/night split. Nay if you want to stay with 1 main channel.

Please also leave us a comment below if you have a strong opinion on why this should or should not be implemented.

Fine print: At least 20 votes will be required before I will use the results to make a decision. Voting closes June 30.

News & Announcements / [ANN] Merry Xmas & Happy 2019
« on: December 24, 2018, 02:56:16 pm »
Hello fellow adventurers,

With roughly 1 week left another year has passed. Looking back at this past year I'd say
it was a successful one for [PSDH]. Our success rate on successfully completing events is
about 99%, we managed to kill the Triple Wurm in the nudes for the nth time, had a very
fun guild meetup in Warsaw, Poland and a lot of new players have joined the guild.

We thank you all, we couldn't have done this without you!
We'd be talking to ourselves on Teamspeak.

I hope everyone will have a happy Xmas and safe New Years - you need your fingers
to play Guild Wars ;)

Let's see what 2019 will bring us!


PSDH Managment

News & Announcements / [ANN] Winter is coming
« on: October 24, 2018, 09:17:09 am »

Saturday night we will leave summertime behind us and revert back to standard time. This means that from this Sunday [PSDH] will switch over to its winter schedule.

While we're at it we looked at the schedule and made some improvements (hopefully) to make events start are more reasonable times. A summary of the changes:

Instead of doing regular Shatterer first, we now do the new Death-Branded Shatterer as last

Amalgamated gemstone run, by quickly doing Verdant Brind, Tangled Depths and optionally Auric Basin

Silverwastes or MoT/Bounties before regular Shatterer

Nothing changes; TT and Guild Missions

For those of you who subscribe to our calendar, we have updated it with the new times, so you are automatically up-to-date.

Side note:
November 4th - after TT - we will head into Vabbi for the Serpents' Ire event. For information about this event and why you should join it, check out the event topic:

Events / [EVENT] Serpents' Ire - Nov 4
« on: October 16, 2018, 10:51:24 am »
When: Sunday, November 4, 13:00 & 14:30 (server time GMT), 14:00 & 15:30 (EU, GMT+1)
What: Serpents' Ire (Domain of Vabbi)

Teamspeak: (there will be a special Serpents' Ire channel)

We are organizing to run the meta event in the Domain of Vabbi, Serpents' Ire. This meta event is linked to two achievements and since most Serpents' Ire events fail - due to a lack of organization - it might be hard to complete these achievements.

On Sunday PSDH also runs Triple Trouble and this event will continue as usual. Right after we finished TT, we'll jump straight to Vabbi and start the meta. Make sure you are on Teamspeak before we jump, otherwise you might have a difficult time finding us or getting into the map.

The achievements linked to this event are:
Redeeming IG-6417 is part of an achievement chain and has to be unlocked. In case you haven't unlocked this achievement, you might want to do so before the 4th.

Event Pointers
First of all.. BRING CC SKILLS!. If we do not have enough crowd control, we'll be unable to break the defiance bars and the event will fail for sure. Check the wiki ( for more info about what skills you can use.

Secondly, since this is an event which is not done as much as other big meta events we'll require everyone to be on Teamspeak (even if it's only to listen!). Commanders will not have time to type everything in squad chat.

The meta event can be split into three phases.

1) Slay veteran or higher-ranked Branded monsters to raise the ire of Branded Forgotten zealots and lure them out of hiding
This is pretty straightforward, just search in the branded area (right side of the map) for veteran, elite or champion  Branded and kill them. Make sure to split up to cover more ground.

Once enough Branded have been slain, Branded Forgotten zealots (5 of them) will appear somewhere in the Brand. These zealots don't have a static spawn spot, so if you have found one give us the location on Teamspeak or squad chat.

2) The Branded Forgotten zealots have regrouped at the Grand Court of Sebelkeh. Defeat them!
This is where most of the Serpents' Ire meta events will fail.. Due to lack of Crowd Control..
The main objective here is to kill the 5 zealots before they can detonate the crystal. The only way to damage these zealots is to BREAK THEIR DEFIANCE BAR. Since there will be 5 of them, we have to split up the squad into 5 groups and make sure each group has enough CC.

Can't stress this enough... BRING CC!

3) Defeating the zealots has incited the wrath of Ysshi Hessani and Pek Rakt Grag. Stop them!
After we have defeated the zealots the two final bosses will spawn. This should be pretty straightforward and shouldn't be an issue. We'll be killing Ysshi first because he can resurrect Pek Rakt Grag. Ysshi will alternate between melee and ranged combat, so attack accordingly. At times Ysshi Hessani turns invulnerable and the veteran spark and branded sparks that appear must be destroyed in order for it to take damage.

We kill the bosses, get loot and check of some achievements.

Hope to see you there!

News & Announcements / PSDH Summer Time Schedule
« on: March 21, 2018, 10:58:04 am »
Upcoming Sunday it's that time of the year again. One hour less sleep, because the clock will be set forward one hour.

To accommodate this extra one hour time difference we have come up with a new event schedule. The new schedule starts Monday, March 26th.
Our calendar has been updated, so if you are subscribed to it the new events will automatically show up.

Bounties with possible Maw of Torment in between

Palawadan (Domain of Istan)
Dragon's Stand

Events, Fractals, Dungeons, Achievements, etc.. You need something done and you want some help from the guild? Drop it into guild chat and perhaps you'll find some people who want to join.

Tangled Depths
Auric Basin

Triple Trouble*
Guild Missions

* Triple Trouble Changes
For Triple Trouble we are going to introduce something new. Over time we have noticed fewer people joining Teamspeak and we have a hard time filling spots for husk killing (condi) and egg blocking (diboof). This has caused us to either fail the event due to people not correctly following the commander or we have to cancel because we just don't have the players to fill certain spots.

I do not want to remove Triple Trouble from our schedule because I believe it's one of the hardest and in my opinion, the most rewarding (not looking at loot) open world events. We have lots of people who joined PSDH because of TT and I want new players to also be able to experience it in a casual way.

1) Do not be afraid to step up for the condi or diboof role. They are easy to learn and we have some fabulous members who can help you.
2) BE ON TEAMSPEAK. Whether you have done this event once or a thousand time, join Teamspeak so you are able to listen to the commander (does not matter if you do not have a mic or do not want to talk... just listen)
3) We do not want to cancel TT right before it starts due to lack of condi or diboof. This is why we came up with sort of a pre-signup sheet in which you can put your name if you can condi or diboof on a certain date. The sheet is open for everyone, so please use with care.

That's it for now. If you have any questions or comments, please post them below. Don't forget that next week we also have an Eastern event coming up.

- Dark

News & Announcements / PSDH Meetup 2018 Pre-Hype
« on: December 28, 2017, 07:25:05 pm »
Hello PSDH!

Just before we celebrate the end of the year I’m here with a small hype about next years PSDH meet-up.

If you are a regular on the PSDH discord server you might have spotted me hinting about where we are going next year. For the next meet-up we’ll be going back into the city and this year's city will be… start drumroll…. Warsaw, Poland! Looking at the questionnaires people filled in after the last meetup, it seemed like the majority wanted to go to Poland for the next meetup. We looked at the options, crunched the numbers and the results showed us it is viable to do.

Now for the bad news.. Because we’ll be staying in the city it’s going to be harder for us to give you an all-in-one package like we had last meetup. Expect next the meet up to be a bit more expensive. However!, we are trying to come up with a nice package which will include stay in a hotel (+ breakfast) and Saturday dinner. More information on this later.

Unfortunately we can not yet give you a date. For now keep the weekends of September 2018 available.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions or ideas for things we should/need to do in Warsaw… let us know!

PSDH Party Planners
Dark, Nova, Gem

News & Announcements / Happy Christmas
« on: December 23, 2017, 07:51:26 pm »

Thanks for all your support and hard work this year - we've got through quite some challenges and we can look forward to 2018 with genuine optimism -  I think it's going to be quite a year!!!

I wish you and your families my very best wishes over the festive break. Please re-charge your batteries, we'll need everyone on full power in January!!

- Dark

P.S. Before years end I'll post some initial info about PSDH meetup 2018

News & Announcements / New Event Schedule
« on: October 04, 2017, 10:49:14 pm »

After a lot of sweat, heated discussions and there may have been some blood involved, we have come up with the new schedule.

For this schedule our main focus was to have the Path of Fire events in there because we think people really want to do those (for now). Of course our main bread and butter are still there; Tequatl & Triple Trouble.

Main changes:
Monday: This is raid reset day and we have noticed a drop in active players. On Monday we now do some lightweight PoF events; bounties and Augury Rock
Tuesday: Normally we left this day open due for patch days. For now we have moved Tequatl and TT-Wurm to this day on non-patch days
Wednesday: The main PoF events in Desolation and Vabbi
Thursday: Over the last few weeks the participation on social night became less and less. For this schedule we have decided to leave the Thursday organisation to you! Want to do something? Hero Points, achievements, etc... drop it into guild chat and set something up
Friday: Nothing due to WvW reset
Saturday: Nothing changed here. Tequatl, Tiadha and TT-Wurm
Sunday: We'll now do guild missions first and then go TO VABBII for Serpents' Ire

After a couple of weeks we will revisit the schedule to see if we have to change event days or perhaps change out events for something else.

As always we enjoy getting your input on these things, so if you have ideas on how we can improve things, don't hesitate to let us know.


News & Announcements / [News] Guild Meeting July 12th
« on: July 04, 2017, 07:25:24 pm »
Hello all!

On Wednesday the 12th of July we will organise the first of our annual guild meetings. As you may (or may not) know the PSDH commanders have a meeting once every couple months to discuss the state of the guild and our events. This time everyone is invited!

So if you are interested in the future of PSDH and would perhaps like to join the discussion (vocal or in chat), this is your chance!
For now our main topics will be:
  • Guild health (members & commanders)
  • Getting more people on Teamspeak during events
  • Late squad joins during Tangled Depths & Dragon Stand
  • TT-Wurm: Vocal explanation of diboofing before event
  • Thursday Social Night
  • Saturday Silverwastes
  • Anything else which may come up
If there's something else you would like us to discuss during this meet, please leave a reply in this thread or send me a message.

After the meetup myself and the other guild captains will be available for anyone who wish to speak with us privately.

When: Wednesday July 12th at 20:15BST/21:15CEST
Where: Teamspeak (
How long: We'll try to keep it between 1 and 1,5 hour

See you there!

Meeting Notes
Guild health (members & commanders)
  • Overall the guild is in good shape. We’re still steadily receiving new applications from people who want to join PSDH
    • Currently 272 members
  • Dark is going to try to do a purge more regularly, once every 4 months. Reason for a purge is to cleanup the guild and remove everyone who just joined PSDH for
    • One or two events and never bothered getting their rank up
    • Make sure of our scribing station or to gather our nodes
  • During a purge all Frog Hunters are removed from the guild and all Dragon Hunters are set to Frog Hunter
  • Commander-wise we’re a bit low for comfort due to some commanders currently having other priorities in life - which is fine
    • At the moment we have 4 new trainee commanders
    • If you’d like to try your hand at commanding, let one of the leaders know and we can give you some information and help you out

Getting more people on Teamspeak during events
  • Since last year or so there is a decline of the number who join Teamspeak during events. This is not a problem for events like Tequatl, but it does pose some problems for TT-Wurm and Dragon’s Stand
    • For commanders it’s not viable to use text chat while running around since it will mean we can’t move or change direction quickly
    • Before the event we spam in-game chat asking people to join TS, but it’s not working
  • Suggestion: Use Discord instead of Teamspeak since that’s what the cool people are using
    • Not viable for us since Discord does not have an option to whisper certain people in other channels
  • Suggestion: Relay Teamspeak voice to Discord. People on Discord will hear what’s going on on Teamspeak
    • Dark has been doing some research on Teamspeak/Discord protocols but has no time to build the app
    • Con: We can’t hear what they say on Discord
    • Con: People might get lazy and just join Discord
    • Pro: At least they’ll be listening
  • Suggestion: Cancel event if there are not enough people on Teamspeak at a certain time
    • Announce it in map chat that we will cancel the event if there are not enough people on Teamspeak and keep the map updated
    • We would need a backup event to do something else if the event is cancelled
    • Con: We’d probably have to cancel a lot of events
    • Con: If people know we might cancel the event they’ll leave for OC or GW2comm map
  • Suggestion: Spam advertisement in maps like OC and GW2comm do
    • Not something we’d want to do as it sounds desperate
    • We could try to just advertise once in LA and or DR as these are the two main city hubs
  • Suggestion: Get everyone its help enticing people to get on Teamspeak
    • If more different people ask for other people to join Teamspeak they might be more willing to install/join Teamspeak, especially since it’s not just their commander asking
    • Doing this in say chat is helpful since it renders a bubble, it’s in your face and hard to miss
  • Other suggestions:
    • Try to recruit people outside of events
    • Offer cookies
    • Join the commander during walkthroughs even if you know what to do
    • Players who know the event can help the commander by relaying the walkthrough in say chat
  • Conclusion: In the end we’ll have to get used to these lower TS numbers since PSDH is the kind of guild who organizes events for everyone.
    • Regular guildies will help out the commanders with advertising Teamspeak in say chat during our events
    • If we ever get a prototype to relay Teamspeak to Discord we’re open to try it
    • Hope the expansion brings in more new players and has some cool events which we can do

Late squad joins during Tangled Depths & Dragon’s Stand
  • The declining popularity of both Tangled Depths and Dragon’s Stand is not very surprising as the content is getting older and more and more people are done with the content
  • Last week with Dragon’s Stand we tried jumping 5 minutes earlier
    • This increased both the initial squad members and people on Teamspeak
    • This is only 1 sample, so the data is not reliable enough to say this is the fix
  • For Tangled Depths we’re now putting up LFG as soon as we have found a map
  • Suggestion: Dropping small wurm after Shatterer and going straight to Lake Doric
    • Jungle wurm is nice fast loot, 5 min isn’t going to make a difference here
  • Conclusion: Not skipping Jungle Wurm, instead of waiting around for everyone in Lake Doric we’ll start almost immediately

TT-Wurm: Vocal explanation of diboofing before event
  • Idea: Before the event starts diboofers go into a separate channel to discuss diboofing if there are new people. It’s hard to type everything in party chat if you want to teach
    • Should be nice of people are available to assist with the right classes
    • Kaelik (wasn’t at the meet but people voted for him) and Cori will take the lead on this
    • On the PSDH website there is a comprehensive guide on diboofing
    • Novices get paired with veterans

Thursday Social Night Rotation
  • It’s social night so numbers are always going to be lower compared to the other PSDH events. If the numbers keep being as low as they are now (6-8) do we still want to keep it on the schedule?
    • People ask in guild chat every week if there are any events going on
  • Suggestion: Have people vote for what they want to do that day
    • Tried this in the past, people didn’t vote
  • Suggestion: Add dungeon/fractals to the rotation
    • Problem with this is that it’s for 5 man groups, people are going to be left out
  • Suggestion: Put living story maps in the rotation
    • Could make it so we’d always have the last three LS maps in the thursday rotation. When a new maps comes out, it replaces the oldest.
  • Suggestion: WvW night
    • Doesn’t work since we’re all from different servers
  • Conclusion: Living Story maps will be put into rotation instead of Verdant Brink, Auric Basin and Silverwastes. These maps will be put into the voted event

Saturday Silverwastes
  • Saturday silverwastes mostly done by Ardi. Ardi has not been organising it due to reasons.
    • No volunteer so it will be removed from the schedule
    • If Ardi does show up and wants to organise it he will announce it in guild chat during Teq/TT

PSDH Teamspeak
  • There are a lot of channels but not really a place to hang-out as a PSDH, besides Crafty Wankers and some random PvE channels
    • PSDH started out as a pure world boss guild but, over the years, has grown to be a guild of it’s own
    • If there would be a PSDH channel, some people are more likely to join TS to just hangout. Creates more of a community
  • Conclusion: Remove all the PvE/PvP/Event channels and create a new [PSDH] guild channel with some sub-channels.
    • If more sub-channels are needed we can create them later
    • Fluffy Bunny PG13 channel in which NSFW and politics are forbidden

New Expansion Bosses
  • When the new expansion launches we need to go for the last boss faster. This so we can learn it and then organise it as a guild
    • There will be a break of regular events to commanders can go out and learn the events. Hopefully then we can run it in the second week
    • Non-commander guildies can step-up and help us organising. This allows guildies to become a PSDH commander without going through the normal trainee program

News & Announcements / [News] Guild Rank Changes
« on: May 04, 2017, 07:40:20 pm »
New Mentor Rank
In our guild we have certain players who are really helpful towards other guildies and sometimes even help out the commanders, they will or can not be a full commander due to various reasons. We would like to let these members know in some way we really appreciate what they are doing and should continue doing what they do.

Introducing… the mentor rank.

With the new mentor rank we hope to accomplish a couple of things:
  • Reward members who go the extra mile while not being a commander
  • Make it visible to other members that these are people you can to go and ask for help about game stuff (builds, events, etc..)
  • Spreading positive behaviour through the guild

In its basics the mentor rank is the same as the Guild Wars mentor tag.

What is expected
As noticed above the PSDH mentor rank is in basics the same as the Guild Wars mentor tag. The extra’s are:
  • Commanders are able to ask mentors for help during events. This can range from helping out in map/say/squad chat to being squad group leader
  • In case there are not enough commanders for a certain event, mentors can be asked to fill in the spots before it’s decided to cancel the event
  • It’s ideal for a mentor to have a commander tag, but not required

What’s in it for the mentors
The mentor rank is a supporting rank for both the members and commanders, but what’s in it for the mentors themselves. Unfortunately PSDH is still ran on a voluntary basis so we can’t offer gold and you’ll have to do with personal gratification. However the mentor rank is excluded from the regular guild purges and they are able to join the commander meetings.

How to apply
A member can become a mentor by either applying for it themselves or he is invited by a guild captain. Commanders and other mentors are able to recommend members for the mentor rank.

News & Announcements / Thursday March 30 - SAB
« on: March 29, 2017, 08:38:34 am »
Hey all,

The box you all have been waiting for is returning Thursday March 30th. Super Adventure Box!!
On this day we would normally have our Guild Social Night - Voted Event, but this week we're skipping this and are going to do Super Adventure Box instead.

You're of course still welcome to join us on Teamspeak for a casual chat or just so we can hear you rage as you get killed for the dozenth time  :P

News & Announcements / Happy New Year PSDH
« on: December 31, 2016, 03:16:29 pm »
Hello guildies, commanders and random readers,

An other year has passed and before everyone starts their New Years Party shenanigans I would like to thank you all for being with PSDH this past year and hope you'll stick with us for an other :)

In any case I wish you all the best for 2017. May the RNG gods be with you in the new year *

Make sure to keep an eye on our website the upcoming year as we will again be hosting various events, which may or may not be seasonal related. Of course the main event will be our second guild meeting in August - for which you can still sign up btw - hosted in The Netherlands, I'm looking forward seeing you crazy bastards again :D

Once again I wish you all a happy new year (don't go crazy with fireworks, you need your fingers playing Guild Wars) and we'll speak each other again on Teamspeak in 2017.

Danny / Mr_Dark

* Except for Jari, he gets too many exotic and ascended drops ;) We still love you bro

Events / [Event] Guild Hall for SweD
« on: September 18, 2016, 08:40:11 pm »
When: Saturday, September 24 @ 13:30UTC / 14:30BST / 15:30CEST
Where: Exact location unknown, just be on Teamspeak at above time. There will be a special channel.

Note: Originally on this time we'd have a Silverwastes run and chest farm. Depending on how many people will join this event might be cancelled.

Maybe you remember the memorial event we participated in last year with the guild SweD. If you don't remember it or perhaps were not in the guild at that time, here's a quote from his original reddit post:

This will be a very personal post.

On the 24:th of Sep is my sons birthday. He isn't with us anymore. Last year, I lost him to leukemia after a years fighting it (He got very sick on Christmas Eve, he sliped into a coma right after new year and we lost him on Valentines day). He loved games and was very good at them. GW2 was one of the favorites and a wish he had when he got better, was to visit Arena Net (there is a fund in Sweden for children with cancer that help them make a dream come true). He never got this chance. He would have become 16 this birthday.

I would like to do something on his birthday in game under the banner of the guild he created and that I have kept alive, Swedish Dragonhunters [SweD]. I don't know what or maybe if people would like to help me let this guild live up for a day doing what ever they normally does. If so I can give an invite. I'm JonasBL.8270 (EU) in that case. After, you would be free to stay or leave as you want ofcose.

Regards, Jonas

Pm: If Arena Net want to join me and them who has so far (and hopefully more people still) in this Rememberence of a wonderfull son, gifted player (in a number of games), that would have made my son so happy

My Sons name was Daniel

Now back to the present day. Last week I got request from Jonas if we [PSDH] would be interested in helping him out again because he really appreciated what we did last year. For this years memorial he wants to get [SweD] a guild hall and of course I said yes right away!

Outfit Information
Because it looked really cool last year, I think we should do use the same outfits again with the [SweD] guild colors.

Royal Guard Outfit with following colors (from top left to bottom right in this order):
- Burnished Steel
- Fog
- Pastel Lemon
- Stream

If you do not have this outfit, you may still join ;)

How to join?!
I'm not sure if you can participate in guild claiming if you're not actually in that particular guild. If someone can enlighten me if it's possible to taxi people in via squads that be great. According to Merula you can also join even if you're not in [SweD] (of course we would like it if people would wear their tag).

However if you do have a guild slot open, just send me message in-game or teamspeak, or leave a reply in this thread with your account name and that you would like to be invited into [SweD]. Then I'll make sure to send you a guild invite as I'm apparently still an officer in that guild :)

Once more, show me what awesome guild PSDH is and lets make this happen!

News & Announcements / Happy Birthday PSDH
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:36:39 am »
Today is a celebratory day! Today is the day PSDH turns 3 years old! So we're now officially a toddler, or if you are counting in dog years; an adult :D

I'm proud of everyone who made this possible and stayed with us during our ups and downs. I would have never imagined the guild to last this long and still be as active.

Don't forget to join our birthday party TONIGHT as we will kill Tequatl and TT-Wurm in the nude. (More info HERE).

Now, let's have some cake!

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