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Dragon's Stand / Takami's Dragon Stand Event Guide
« on: November 15, 2015, 03:36:32 pm »

This guide is a work in progress

Dragon's Stand is a map that's essentially dedicated to an event chain meta. It requires a modicum of organisation, but map/event familiarity is all you really need. You will need Heart of Thorns to play this content.

The general flow of the map has three escorts traverse the map, doing events along the way until they reach three towers. Each tower must fall at the same time and then there is a final boss. The best way to read this guide is to pick a route (north/central/south) and read the sections pertinent to that for the pre events, escort phase and tower, before the final boss.

Mastery Requirements
Mandatory Requirement:
Updraft (Gliding 2)

You optionally need:
Bouncing Mushrooms (Itzel Lore 1 - Helps you get places)
Itzel Poison Lore (Itzel Lore 4)
Leyline Gliding (Gliding 6 - Required for one of the loot phase locations)

General Event Progression
There are several stages the event progresses through categorised as so:
  • Preparation
  • Pre-events (before the main event starts)
  • Pact Escort
  • Tower Bosses
  • Dragon Boss Phase
  • Loooooooot
Preparation / General Info
The main escort / pre events of this map split in three directions. The general route follows the arrows as below.

View Full Size Image

Before the event starts, commanders will form three groups to do the pre events and the main escort. They'll also ensure that there is a split of people with poison mastery so that all three routes can do events that are in poison areas (over time, this'll become less necessary as people gain their masteries, just be mindful to not jump into a poison event if you lack the mastery or you'll taste a LOT of pain). The escort and pre-events are on a timer, with the escort phase having a total of 2 hours to complete, so the guild will jump into the map as the timer resets.


Each route have their own pre-events

Northern - Glide up to gather mordrem vine pods and return them to Briallen

From the NPC, simply glide on up to the platform above, grab a vine pod and return it back to Briallen the collector.

View Full Size Image

View Full Size Image

Northern - Bring Chakata shiny wyvern crystals to get the skritt to join the fight

Jump up the bouncing mushrooms in the tree nearby to Chakata and the collection crate. When at the top, glide across to a platform where you can find shiny wyvern crystals. Grab one and drop down to deliver it to the collection crate.

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Central - Retrieve engine parts to keep the canons online

How to get there from Pact Base Camp Waypoint:

When you get to the collector, simply use updraft on the vent to get to the ledge above to get the parts they're after.

View Full Size Image



North Escort

For this part of the meta, we are simply escorting NPC's through the northern part of the map. There's a few events that we stop off to do mid-way, as well as some bosses that we will encounter during escort phases.


Almost immediately after the escort begins, a thornheart will spawn to the right. You'll encounter this boss several times across the entire escort. It should always be a priority over any other boss in the area. Use crowd control skills to break the defiance bar and simply DPS the thornheart to take it down.

View Full Size Image

After the thornheart, the pact will advance for a short while and then the event will update to Defeat the Elite Mordrem Stalkers.

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Simply DPS and continue. You'll be interrupted again to dispatch a couple of dino riders then shortly after, you will arrive at the Spitfire.

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Mordrem Spitfire

The Mordrem Spitfire will initially be shielded, when the shield goes down you can start dealing DPS. Almost immediately two Vinetenders will spawn and continue respawning throughout the event. Split and take these out and then continue DPS on the Spitfire. The vinetenders restore the shield, so you'll need to take them down to deal damage to the spitfire.

View Full Size Image

View Full Size Image

Once the spitfire has been taken down, there will be two events to do, there is a mini timer of 7 minutes to do these events.

Bring meat from the dino nests to build a pile to attract wyverns

A short way north of the collector are some nests with meat in them. The meat is a bundle that you can take back to the collector, it does have a collection time when you grab it which is interruptible. Clear enemies or otherwise keep them away while you collect the meat.

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Defend the planted mushrooms until they reach maturity

You will need poison mastery to do this event. There is a cave somewhat north of where the pact stopped to set up camp. In it are a number of allied mushrooms. Their health bars are essentially progress bars. Keep enemies off them while they mature. Return to camp when done.

View Full Size Image

The escort will resume once both missions are done, or if the mini-timer expires (whichever comes first).

Northern escort continued

During the time you were doing the events, Legendary Stavemaster Adryn would have been moving towards the pact escort. You'll probably engage just after the events. He does a large amount of AoE damage and has a really funky portal skill, which is like a whirlpool that spins you around.

To combat him, use crowd control skills to break his defiance bar then DPS.

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As you proceed along the escort, you will encounter more wolves and another thornheart which you will need to defeat. If you're ever in a situation where the thornheart and other events are going on, always focus the thornheart.

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View Full Size Image

Soon after, you will arrive at the next spitfire. Like before, DPS the spitfire but this time there are Preservers spawning. Preservers will heal the spitfire and are a priority target. If you see them spawn, bust down their breakbars using crowd control and DPS them before continuing on the spitfire.

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After the spitfire is defeated there will be a couple more events.

Help Gammalon Vineripper destroy the brambles and clear a path to the Exalted

Follow Gammalon until you reach a vine wall. Defeat the vinetenders who keep the walls health topped up then use the the special "Bramble Begone" spray the NPC drops in a box nearby on the vines. Get through a few sets of vines to reach the Exalted.

View Full Size Image

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View Full Size Image

Help Spleecta turn the Exalted machine back on

To get to this event drop down the hole behind the anvil near the waypoint.
Follow Spleecta around destroying incoming enemies. You will reach capture points that you need to take control of. Capture all four points and the event is complete.

View Full Size Image

View Full Size Image

Escort continues

Stavemaster Adryn would have respawned. If you're quick, you can wrap up the events before he arrives at the pact camp. If not, then he ends up intermingling with the events, which can be troublesome.

Shortly after the pact start moving again, another Thornheart will appear. Focus the thornheart even if Adryn is still not defeated.

View Full Size Image

Eventually, you will reach the northern blighting tower and that's the end of the northern escort. The next thing to do is the northern tower. At this point, your commander will start preparing for this by splitting the group. 10 People will follow a second tag, the rest will stick to the commander like glue. Continue reading the Tower section for information on what happens next.

Dragon's Stand / Dragon Stand Strats (SPOILERS)
« on: October 30, 2015, 09:45:43 am »
So with HoT there's a bunch of map meta events that play out in a way similar to Triple Trouble that we can attempt. One that particularly interests me is Dragon Stand, it's effectively a map dedicated to a boss.

The zerg splits into 3 lanes, fights through hoardes of enemies and then are met with a tower boss - this is where real coordination is required, I've never completed it as random people lack coordination.

Found this on reddit:

It details how others have successfully done it, posting here for future reference. Any more discussion/info on how we can nail this please make it known :D

Triple Trouble Wurm / Leechers
« on: January 10, 2015, 02:56:29 pm »
Noticed people leeching while deboofing today. Just sitting there doing nothing until burn phase, where they just tag the wurm and that's that.

Please lets try to discourage this behaviour, as there are people who want to get into the map and cannot. A leecher is even less helpful than a random player who isn't on TS.

Triple Trouble Wurm / Some Observations
« on: June 14, 2014, 04:54:48 pm »
I was invited to play with a French group a while back, so I went along.

These guys were very good, it went surprisingly smoothly. It was like an efficient machine. First time was a fail, by mere seconds, that was because they didn't have enough hooks. All the other wurms went down.

They activated it again immediately a second time - this time with success.

It's important we can work towards affording to do this ourselves, this will allow us better odds at success. If we get close, chances are we have the right people in the right place at the right time. Wait for later, people might have other commitments.

Some tactics we've not employed before, that we should:
In collection of the red/green/blue phytotoxin, (which is the *easiest* of the three heads in my opinion), they DPS'd to about 5% of its health then backed off. At 5% they filled in red and yellow, but not blue. They wait for the other two heads to catch up. - This is important, as we've had good runs go awry before because of overdps - Doing this helps overcome mindless zerging.

Burn phases were EFFICIENT. might was stacked, people did hefty damage. We often underdps burn phases, especially on the harder heads.

One final thing to note: we have yet to experience the next phase - killing the heads themselves. Ideally we want to get them up against a wall. They hit hard, and people should stack. Chaotic wandering might be a horrific (and likely) downfall (which we should prepare for if we make it past the first phase).

Introduce Yourself! / Hi There
« on: June 14, 2014, 04:05:52 pm »
Yu Takami here,
I'm sure some of you have seen me about, I'm from the UK, but I can also speak basic Japanese.

I'm a long time player of guild wars, starting in guild wars 1 where I formed my own guild which carried through to guild wars 2. Unfortunately my guild mostly lost interest in GW2 and left entirely, the remainder, unhappy with the lack of numbers in the guild left for bigger guilds such as [eni] and [angz]

First MMO was Ultima Online, still miss that game.

I'm a game developer, working on a number of LEGO games (among many) and during the evening I carry that on working on indie projects, both my own and for others, so my time is pretty tight. I hope to someday launch my own studio, escaping the chaos of corporate dev.

I don't play guild wars 2 as much as I'd like, but I still pop in for the weekends and assuming I defeat the megaserver boss, make it into the occasional tequatl and wurm events. Otherwise, I only play on weds with the [angz] guild (which I'm most active in now) for guild missions and early mornings just to wrap up daily.

My gw2 goal is to get my first legendary. I've been saving since launch, have all I need except the pre, but precursor costs are ridiculous and the random number game never swings in my favour.

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