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Events / Secret Santa 2016 ~ Sign up here!
« on: November 27, 2016, 05:46:23 pm »
Hey everyone! I'm happy to tell you that our guild Secret Santa will be returning this year :)

How Does It Work?

You simply sign up by 20th December in this thread.

Please include the following information:
Your account name (the one with the numbers at the end).
What your ideal gift would be - Missed an old festival reward and never got around to buying it on the tp? Need one last item for a collection? Do you like... quaggan tonics? Coo! If nothing is taking your fancy, explain a bit what your interests are in-game to give your Santa ideas.

After the closing date you'll be told who your match is; then you can check back here to see what they've wished for and you have until 1st January to send them their gift! If you wish to remain anonymous you can send the gift over to me, with a message if you like, and I will pass it along whilst keeping your identity a secret ;)

I will recommend that you aim for your gifts to have a value of at least 5g. It's not all about the monetary value of the presents, of course, but we'd like everyone to feel they can take part regardless of how much they play and also retain a certain minimum worth. You are naturally welcome to exceed this.

If it so happens that you don't receive your gift, there will be provision for this so don't worry; if things don't work out with your Santa you will still get some shinies, as long as you sent yours.

Here's those important dates again...

Sign up by 20th December
Send gifts out by 1st January

 * * * If you have any other questions please contact me in-game: Anoussja / flamboroughpilot.5602  * * *

Merry Wintersday, and happy gifting :3

Events / June Raffle!
« on: June 07, 2016, 04:18:18 pm »
Back once again  ;D

So as I mentioned in last month's thread, it was awesome how many of you threw your proverbial hats in for this and it should definitely be able to be a regular thing, perhaps with some seasonal variations. For this month I'd ideally just like to increase the number of winners so more people can have shiny things :3 Aiming for 5 prizes this time! The rules will also be the same for now; one entry per person and sent before reset at the end of the month to be eligible. I'll also try and respond to each entry to confirm it's been received, since a few of you wondered about this. Bear in mind the messaging limit though and don't worry if I don't get back to you immediately ^^

If you'd like to enter, just message me, with 1 gold attached - or you can deposit it in the guild bank and just point out that you've done this :) Closing date is the 30th June, after which the winners will be drawn and prizes sent out during the first weekend of July.

Mails to: flamboroughpilot.5602 / Anoussja

Last month's winners:
First Prize (Cavalier Staff Skin) - Merula
Second Prize (Midnight Fire dye) - Spykervleis
Third Prize (Wurm Finisher + Mini Teq) - Ardi

Events / May Raffle
« on: May 06, 2016, 07:52:25 pm »
Hello once again PSDH'ers o/

I am pleased to bring you this month's raffle, which I hope will be an ongoing occurrence :D It's as easy as you might expect: you buy a ticket with gold, and you will be entered to win shiny things. Prizes are TBA (you're welcome to suggest things, but no promises ;) ) and the draw will be made at the end of the month, hopefully in conjunction with another fun event for you all which is in the works. Coming soonTM!

If you'd like to enter, just message me, with 1 gold attached - or you can deposit it in the guild bank and just point out that you've done this :) Closing date is the 31st May naturally.

Mails to: flamboroughpilot.5602 / Anoussja


General Chat / PvP Guild Missions
« on: March 31, 2016, 04:14:47 pm »
Hey everyone!

As the title suggests, I was wondering if there are a few other people out there who might be interested in teaming up each week to do the mission for PvP. It'd be nice to earn ourselves some extra rewards and have fun in the process. Skill level shouldn't be important, and we can do these in unranked so you don't need to have played regularly or even at all, and we can keep it separate from league play if that's a concern. No raging needed ;) The exact missions themselves vary but this week's for example should be pretty easy - to kill one Stronghold lord in 30 minutes. The only real requirement is we need a total of 3 people for the team!
So if you'd like to give this a go, please post here or feel free to give me a yell in game (Anoussja/flamboroughpilot.5602). Would be cool to queue up with some PSDH'ers ^.^

Events / Upcoming Events - Hide & Seek plus Lottery!
« on: March 01, 2016, 06:51:25 pm »
Hide & Seek

Hello all. Next Sunday, 13th March, we'll be holding a Hide & Seek event in our lovely guild hall, and I hope you'll be able to join us!

In short, there will be a few members hiding in sneaky places around the hall (not repping so you can't just spy them on the map, and of course you do need to turn off character names for this to work most effectively. We assume in good faith that you'll do that... you're all nice, trustworthy people, right? ;) ). The first to find each hidden person will then have their pick from a small selection of prizes including a Black Lion Key and globs of ectoplasm. Watch this space :)

If you'd like to volunteer to squirrel yourself away somewhere, just sign up in this thread or message me: flamboroughpilot.5602 / Anoussja / whichever nonsense character name you feel like trying to spell; and we'll get you organised sometime before the start.

This will kick off around 3pm CET (2pm GMT), after that day's Tequatl and Triple Trouble and a short break, so we'll look forward to seeing you (or maybe not seeing you, if you're very well hidden) then :D

In the meantime:

Linseed Lottery

This one's pretty simple :3 if you'd like to enter just send one vial of linseed oil - or the requisite materials if you're unable to craft it and I will sort that for you - and you'll be in the draw to win 5 back. All the rest of the oil received will go towards more shiny guild hall upgrades, and if uptake is good the prize will be more substantial and/or there will be multiple winners. Also, if you make such a donation to the treasury and wish it to count as a lottery entry, just send me a quick message and it will be noted :)

Send mail to: flamboroughpilot.5602

Entry is open as of right now and the draw will be made during downtime prior to Teq and TT on Wednesday 9th March, subject to change and everyone getting organised of course! on the 13th along with the Hide & Seek :) of course you don't need to be present to win the lottery so do enter even if you're not around that day! Oh, and leave the innuendo to Dark and Nova please... ^^

Thanks for reading and please don't feel shy about getting involved <3

Additionally, if you have any ideas for events or particular things you'd like to see, please let me know as I'll be working on regular fun interludes and would ideally like them to reflect what you guys enjoy :)

General Chat / Secret Santa Sign Ups :)
« on: November 30, 2015, 03:26:33 pm »
Hey hey! I've been effectively poked and finally followed up on this :) Secret Santa will be happening! There are in-depth details on this post (please feel free to ask any questions there too) and this is a thread just for signing up.

To reiterate:

Please sign up by Thursday 17th of December. Include some way of contacting you in-game, so your account and/or a character name, and a few ideas about what might be a good gift for you (Had your eyes on a pricey sigil or two? Missed an old festival reward and never got around to buying it on the tp? Need one last item for a collection? Do you like... quaggan tonics? Coo!). This can just be done here, or, if you'd prefer, messaged to me - Anoussja / flamboroughpilot.5602

Once you know the details of your giftee (I'll try and sort the matches speedily, by that weekend, say) please ensure you send to them, directly or via me, by Thursday 31st of December. New Year's Eve, easy to remember! Any issues can be resolved then, but I'm sure most of the results will be 'Yay, look at this awesome gift!' :3

...go go!

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