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Raids / New Raid Team
« on: May 29, 2016, 08:16:52 pm »
Right, sign ups for the raid team are currently CLOSED!

Right: Here are the 10 for the team! Raid times are Tuesdays 8pm UK Time. Meeting at Lions Arch ready at 7:40 UK Time so we can get into squad, get our buff food ready [IE out of bank if needed etc] and onto teamspeak. Talking of which, Teamspeak will be a requirement, with two way communication. I don't need everyone to be talking a lot, but I need you to be able to tell each other when you're in trouble, when you've met your objective, when you're popping cool downs etc. This is key.

First Raid will be on the 21st of June at 8pm UK time. So as above, be in Lion's Arch at 7:40 and on TS!
We will be starting with Wing 1, because this just makes sense folks!

So here is your required reading!

Anyone who doesn't check the guide will be put in the well in Ardi's basement. "It puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again!"

Seriously though guys, this is supposed to be fun. It won't matter how long we take to get the kill on each boss providing we work on it and work as a team. Pulling together and helping one another is most important. I look forward to our first run together!

Below is the list of people on the team, the roles are POTENTIAL roles for those characters. The roles I would like these people to play are these: Dark on tank, Xadine on healer and everyone else DPS. Please bare in mind what arukAdo has said on this thread about gear sets and raiding. While some are great for the rest of the game, they fall short in raids. You have a week to adjust them for raiding, and we have many many guild members who can help you out with crafting - especially with Sinister which is never on the damn TP!

Zia Vidarr.5764

Character: Zia Vidarr
Profession: Necromancer
Role: Condi DMG
Gear: Ascended Sinister Armor & Accessories, Exotic Carrion Weapons [Until I get my weapon crafting classes up]


Character: Netivou
Profession: Necromancer
Task: Tank
Gear: Exotic Rabid/Ascended Viper Mixed


Character: Ragnar Kientai
Profession: Warrior
Task: Power DPS
Gear: Ascended Berserker Rings & Weapons, Legendary Backpack, Exotic Berserker In the rest.


Character: Darkward
Profession: Warrior
Task: Tank
Gear: PVT (Ascended)


Character: Xadine
Profession: Necromancer
Task: Condi DPS
Gear: Ascended Viper

Character:  Aegir Hl├ęsei
Profession: Ranger
Task: Healer
Gear: Ascended Zealot Armor/Weapons & Cleric Trinket


Character:  Bezglutek
Profession: Ranger
Task: Healer/Power DPS
Gear: Ascended Berserker


Character: Crash Perfect
Profession: Ranger
Task: Power DPS
Gear: Exotic/Ascended Berserker


Character: Lydie Erlanger
Profession: Any
Task: Any
Gear: All Characters Ascended Gear For Their Role


Character: Seren Leylandii
Profession: Necromancer
Task: Power DPS
Gear: Exotic/Ascended Berserker

Character: White Diabolus
Profession: Mesmer
Task: Utility DPS
Gear: Exotic/Ascended Assassin's


Character: Duncan Ignium
Profession: Elementalist
Task: Power DPS
Gear: Ascended

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