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General Chat / Giganticus Lupicus
« on: August 09, 2015, 04:59:01 pm »
Hey hey  :) Who don't know me I'm Darkless and I'm one of the commanders in PSDH. You maybe noticed I wasn't on teq and wurm so oftem last days and this is reason why... I was doing notes for Arah well... more on Lupicus it self and I want to share with you  :) Please give me feedback or if you know more informations about Lupicus then please write it over here  :)

Giganticus Lupicus is one of the most challenging and interesting fights in GW2. He appears on every Arah explorable path. Doing well at the fight is mainly a matter of knowing what to expect and when, and having the right skills on hand at the right time. This guide is an attempt to document Lupi's attacks and give profession-specific advice about how to fight him in melee range.

Note:  :)
Lupi is immune to blind. However, any effects you have associated with blind will still proc when you use a blind skill. For example, my guardian uses Blind Exposure, and when I use a blind skill Lupi is affected by the vulnerability but not the blind.

PHASE 1 :)
Grub Summon
This attack is aimed at only one member of the party, but since it is often difficult to tell which, you'll probably want to evade this every time. The animation starts with his hand by his head in many ways around put it straight up into the air. When he puts him straight into the air you want to dodge.

If you missed the dodge you will get a green smoke around you. It's important to watch for this and call it out to your team when you see it. A few seconds later a Risen Grub will spawn on you. If this is not killed quickly, Lupi will eat it and will gain extra power and armor. If you're fighting in melee range, you need to get out of close range before the grub spawns, or Lupi will eat it immediately. If you're more than about 600 range away when the grub spawns, you have perhaps 7 or 8 seconds to kill it. The fight can still be done when Lupi eats one grub, but if he eats two or more then it will be a tough ask.

Kick (melee only)
The main obstacle to meleeing Lupi in phase 1 is learning to dodge this attack. It does big damage - around 12-13k on my zerker Thief. It also knocks back. The tell is not huge, but it is there. I find the movement of his right arm is the easiest signal to watch for. If you are behind Lupi this will not hit you. You'll need to be watching out for this attack.

Swarm Summon
He screams at you. It do no damage but it summons 1-6 Elite swarms. They have really low health but they do really big damage. In malee you kill them in 1 sec…

At 75% HP Lupi goes invulnerable and roars. This signals the change to phase 2. He also spawns one last grub at this point. Unlike the others, this can spawn on pets and illusions and maybe NPCs. It can be quite difficult to stop him eating this grub, but if you watch out for it, it's sometimes possible.

AoE of Doom
The biggie. If you're meleeing, then by the time you see the AoE circles you are already dead. So, you have to watch for the tell. It's a big one, thankfully - Lupi crosses his arms over his chest and then flings them wide. If you have reflect skills, they can be used to great effect in melee here.
Slap (melee only)
It does around 16-18k damage and knocks back. Watch for him drawing his right arm back sharply. This is one of the most important attacks to evade.

Green Lazer (range only)
There is a long-range attack in phase 2 that does a lot of damage. He do it if you are melee too but he cant hit you.

Smoke Run (range only)
Lupicus make him self a green smoke he runs to you. If you will not dodge this you will get significant damage and knockdown for few sec.

When Lupi reaches 40-50%-ish HP, he will go invulnerable again. However, this transition is stranger and often buggier than the last. When he goes invulnerable he usually casts an AoE similar to, but less deadly than, the AoE of doom. It's less deadly mainly because it isn't targeted at the ground around him, as it would be when you're in melee range. Instead, it's distributed more evenly around the arena. The trouble is, he sometimes goes invulnerable multiple times - and continues casting phase 2 skill inbetween - before moving onto phase 3.

PHASE 3 :)

Acid Rain
This is a horrid attack. It's a circle of AoE at Lupi's feet. If it catches you full-on, you're probably toast. However, it can be reflected - but you'll have to have crazy reactions to be able to reflect before it hits you. Also if you are still melee he will try to move him self so you are in the middle of this AoE rain.

Bubble Trap
Another nasty one. Before he casts this, he lifts both hands into the air. The dome traps you in and knocks you down if you try to exit - unless you have stability. It pulses damage on you every second. You'll want to have panic buttons ready in case this is casted on you. While it may be possible to dodge the cast if you see the tell, it's very difficult. Lupi only casts this when moving around, so if you can keep him in one place, you won't get bubbled. The way to do this, I understand, is to stay still on the outside edge of his red ring as much as possible.

Flying Life Drain
The animation is really funny. He start dancing on spot and after dancing he goes into the air and if you will not dodge you will také damage and he will get health from you. This pulls 3 times so you need to get out of AoE or dodge 3 time. Have in mind I pull is 2 attacks so he attacks 6 time total that means Aegis is no use here…

Life Drain
Animation he sticks his hand down kinda spins around and then he put it straight out in front of him whenever it gets right out in front of him you wanna dodge. You need to dodge 2 times. This attack cleans conditions from him

This is all about the Lupicus from me :) I hope this helped you atleast a bit :)

Events / Re: Need a party for the Aetherpath
« on: May 13, 2015, 08:11:43 pm »
If you will need more people feel free to whisper me in game :3 and I should join you  :3

General Chat / Re: Fractals
« on: May 02, 2015, 03:06:39 pm »
Hello everyone :3 Im Fractal level 50 :3 I can do fractal 50 with 3 chars and 49 with 6 chars :3 and I want to join you :3

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