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Technical Support and Suggestions / Re: Guide to Teamspeak
« on: August 09, 2015, 02:38:21 pm »
Installing Teamspeak

Connecting to the PSDH server
  • Open Teamspeak client via start menu or desktop shortcut
  • The first time you will get a wizard to setup audio output and microphone. You can skip the microphone part if you don't plan on talking. Always try to use the Push-To-Talk option unless you know how to set up voice activation properly.
  • In the top menu choose Connections -> Connect (Ctrl+S)
  • Server address:
  • Nickname: <Your Nickname or In-game name>
  • Server Password: <leave empty>
  • Press Connect to enter the server

Notice: If you're not planning on talking, please mute your microphone by going to Self -> Mute Microphone, so you don't accidentally transmit sounds.

Teamspeak Sounds/Notifications
You can disable select or all teamspeak notifications by going to:
Settings -> Options -> Notifications

To disable all sounds (might need to restart TS)
Sound pack: Sounds deactivate

Teamspeak OverWolf
If you find the Overwolf Feature in teamspeak annoying, you can follow these steps to get rid of it:

Remove the icon from users
  • Go into Settings -> Options -> Design
  • Uncheck "Display Overwolf icons on client" and press OK

Remove Overwolf main icon from toolbar
  • Right click anywhere on the toolbar and press "customize toolbar"
  • In the right box select "install overwolf" and press the left arrow to move it.

Whisper Lists
When you fulfil a certain role during an event (eg. Condi or Diboof on Tri-Wurm), you might want to directly communicate with your teammates without having everyone else hearing you. This can be done by setting up a whisper list in your teamspeak client.

In the following example we setup a whipser list for Eggsterminators, but you can easily set it up for something else by choosing a different server group:
  • Go into Settings -> Options -> Whisper and press the "Whisper lists" button
  • Create a new whisper list by pressing on the "new" button in the bottom left corner
  • Choose a hotkey (the key to press when you want to whisper) and give the list a name
  • Whisper to: Groups
  • Group Whisper Type: Server Group / Community Teamspeak / Eggsterminator
  • Group Whisper Target: Current Channel
I am unable to download teamspeak . Every time if stops and 1 mb . I dunno why this is happening. Is there an alternate download link ?

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