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Tequatl / Over DPS
« on: May 23, 2014, 11:10:01 am »
We had this problem last Wednesday when we ran with SoF. We over DPS\'ed after the 2nd phase which caused Teq to fly away and become invisible. Luckily we still managed to kill him :D

Events / Crown Pavilion
« on: May 22, 2014, 07:02:34 pm »
For those who missed it, we\'ll be running again tomorrow!

Triple Trouble Wurm / Necromancer builds on PSDH
« on: May 19, 2014, 12:42:19 pm »
If you are building for killing husks and don\'t want to be completely useless in phase 2 you can equip Spectral Wall. This is an ethereal combo field which causes confusion in combination with Physical Projectile or Whirl.

Triple Trouble Wurm / How I feel about Wurm...
« on: May 17, 2014, 05:54:35 pm »
I agree it gets frustrating at some point, I\'ve been trying to kill the wurm since it launched and only achieved it when joined the GW2Community guys and galls. But I refuse the give up and I\'m sure we (PSDH) can do it. At the time of writing we have 447 members which in theory should be enough to fill almost 3 maps, of course not all members will be online at the same time, like now there are only 134 online which is still almost enough for a serious run.

Us having trouble getting people motivated for the wurm is like the chicken (wurm ;)) and egg story. Players don\'t want to join us/cooperate with us because we\'ve never killed it, but we need (more) players to kill it.

At the moment our biggest problem is people getting on teamspeak and I think the only way to make people really know joining teamspreak is mandatory is by just cancelling the event when there are not enough on.

For the wurm run on Tuesday we can ask for help from the GW2Community people to fill up the map for us and let their people join our teamspeak. This way we 1. have people who\'re familiar with the wurm and 2. if we kill it with their help the word will spread PSDH had killed the wurm.

Triple Trouble Wurm / Triple Trouble Wurm Guides
« on: May 17, 2014, 05:38:16 pm »
Wurm Build Skills By Class

Conjure Fiery Greatsword: Great damage output throughout the whole fight if used correctly. this skills you want to use are skill number 3,4 and 5.  Tip for skill 4 Fiery rush, untarget the wurm and rush through it, (also don’t forget to get rid of autotargeting in your options).

Conjured Ice Bow: Also a huge damage boost for the person using it, skills to use here are number 4 and 5 on the wurm.

Arcane Shield: It provides some good defence and is a stun breaker, or alternatively
Arcane Wave:  Provides an additional blast finisher

Staff: probably the most useful weapon to take if you are not a diboofer, it provides the most utility and probably the most damage when using fire element. 

Dagger/Focus - Scepter/Focus: Diboof Eles, NEED to have a focus as an offhand weapon for “Swirling winds”, the other weapon is up too you,  although dagger may be slightly better because with air attunement the auto attack will cleave providing double damage on DPS phase.
Scepter/Dagger for fire fields and blast finisher

Bomb Kit: provides fire fields for blasting and CC for husks.
Elixir B: Good for might stacking, fury and retaliation for phase 2.
Healing turrets: good sustain for the zerg and acts as a Water Field.

Pistol/Shield: Whenever you are not using your Bomb Kit, this setup will provide the best amount of CC, and utility for the zerg.


Wall of Reflection : The 'Must have' skill for Amber (also useful on cobalt for stacking keg-runners); good reflect skill with a fairly short cooldown.  However note that it is a Light Field, so make sure not to place around stack not in it.

Retreat: Also a very important skill, it provides aegis and swiftness, the aegis is especially good to provide a single block on Husks attacks to ignore the knock-up.

Hallowed Ground:  Long cooldown but provides good duration area stability and more importantly it is a Fire Field.  If you take it (except in emergencies) you should save it for use it during burn phase.

Stand Your Ground: Nice group stunbreak and stability (but limited to 5 people) with a shorter cooldown than 'Hallowed Ground'.  However it is NOT a Fire Field!  If you take it, use when stacking on the red arrow instead of the burn phase to prevent the Husks knockback.

Elite: Either Tome of Wrath (especially useful in phase 2) or Renewed Focus (if you're unfamiliar with the event)

Guardians: Be aware of light fields, there is nothing more annoying than blasting retaliation in phase 1 of this fight.  So the things to remember are : NO MACE, NO HAMMER at all (every third auto is a lightfield), No skill 4 on GS, No skill 3 on Staff.

Greatsword:  Good cleaving damage, highly recommend.  DO NOT USE Skill 4 on the phase 1 burn stack because it is a light field and we don’t want to blast retaliation (in phase 1).

Sword / Focus: Good alternative to Greatsword, it provides good damage and defence.  Specced correctly the blinds add vulnerability and focus 5 skill is a blast finisher for might stacking.

Staff:  Only one use: Skill 4 “Empower”, 12 might stacks is great but it is a shorter duration than might stacked by combo blasting fire fields.  DO NOT USE Skill 3 on the phase 1 burn stack because it is (another) light field and we don’t want to blast retaliation (in phase 1). 

Time Warp: …if you need this explained go back to Wurm 101.  Just be careful that you don't place it until after the fire fields have been combo - blasted for might.

Null field:  provides area condition removal and an important skill on Amber as when you get puked out of the wurm you get a weakness debuff,  so some mesmers should place null fields in front of the zerg. Less useful on the other wurms, but can be combined with focus in phase 2 for confusion stacking.

Veil: useful on Cobalt Wurm for losing aggro whilst keg running

Feedback:  Useful reflect skill especially during dps phase if grubs are shooting at us.  But not the most important skill generally.

Signet of inspiration: There is not much a mesmer can take - it gives random boons which are always welcome. Especially useful as it will transfer your boons to your party members, which improves might stacking

Sword / Focus: Main hand because of the cleave it is also very nice damage and can avoid some damage with skill 2 if needed.  Focus provides nice damage and utility.

Scepter/Torch:  A secondary set, - provides great confusion stacking for phase 2.

Epidemic: Transferring conditions is always nice, but the thing you have to look for here is Fear, if you see any then Epidemic the mob and transfer fear to all adjacent mobs.

Signet of Spite:  The passive is nice, but mostly for the conditions! A must have if you are a condi team necro, also highly recommended for a power necro.

Blood is power: Provide 10 stacks of might and 2 stacks of bleeding.

Lich form


Frost spirit: Very nice damage boost for the zerg, highly recommended (if you trait for it).
Entangle: Nice skill to keep the husksaway from the DPS stack, also puts some nice bleeding.
Signet of the Wild - Passive health regen but also active stability and increased damage
Signet of the Hunt - Passive speed boost (useful for Cobalt keg running). Activation increases damage on next attack for you and pet.
Elite: Spirit of Nature:Provides healing and condition clean and revive (so useful in P2).
Alternate Rampage As One: you and pet gain stability fury and swiftness and grant each other might when you attack

-Greatwsword: Main weapon, good cleaving damage.
-Warhorn: Same reason as warrior, its an easy blast gives a speedboost (especially useful on crimson), it also provides fury to allies.

Jungle Stalker for Phase 1 - for Might stacking
Reef Drake for Phase 2 - Confusion stacking and blast finisher

Personal preferance. The only thing to know is do not use stealth skills.
Haste: provides some quickness so its always extra dps.
Assassin’s signet: for extra power and damage.
Devourer venom:  can also be nice for the immobilize on husks.

Shortbow: Every thief should have one as a secondary weapons, for the skill 2 (Cluster Bomb) blast finisher, for stacking might in burn phase.

Dagger / Dagger: The main reason here is the cleave for double damage on DPS phase.

Battle standard : Gives 1 might/second, fury, swiftness and revives 5 downed people.  This is the 'must have' skill.  Probably one of the most important ones throughout the whole fight (especially Phase 2!) 

Balanced stance: Very useful - providing stability and swiftness on 45s cooldown.  Especially good in phase 2 to ignore the wurm knockbacks.   Can replace with Dolyak signet (although longer cooldown and damage reduction isn’t that useful if you dodge correctly).

Banner of strength: Very nice boost for the zerg, this stays a good choice, just be careful with the banner placement (outside the stack please!)

Banner of Discipline: A decent dps boost for phase 2 only.   Not all Warriors should use it since it is USELESS on phase 1.

Fear me! : Phase 1 skill  for when everyone is stacking on the red arrow to keep the husks away.   No use in phase 2.  Recommand switching it for a Banner of strength. 

For Great Justice : Good might stacking, fury and a very short cooldown.
Shake it off':  Nice group condition cleanse and personnal stun breaker, but not all Warriors should take this (or damage output will suffer).

Greatsword: Recommended.  Probably the biggest damage dealer for a warrior.
Sword: Especially nice for gap closer on wurm during phase 2.
Axe: Better damage than sword but lacks mobility.
Warhorn: Recommand offhand weapon, as it provides an easy blast finisher with skill 5 (call to arms).
optional Longbow for fire field + blast finisher

Skill Chat Codes
Guardians: [&ByMkAAA=], [&B8EjAAA=], [&B3wjAAA=], ([&B8IjAAA=] or [&BwMkAAA=])
Elementalists: [&BwkWAAA=], [&BwYWAAA=], [&B78VAAA=], [&B4wVAAA=]
Warriors: ([&B0k4AAA=] or [&B0M4AAA=]), [&B0w4AAA=], [&B0U4AAA=], [&B1M4AAA=]
Mesmers: [&B9snAAA=], [&B8snAAA=], [&Bz4oAAA=], [&B4koAAA=]
Thiefs: Shortbow for blasting fire fields
Engineers: [&B70WAAA=], [&B7QWAAA=], [&B+wWAAA=]
Necromancers: [&B24pAAA=], [&BzApAAA=], [&B34pAAA=], [&BzYpAAA=]
Rangers: [&B9EwAAA=], [&B/4wAAA=], [&BxkxAAA=]

Triple Trouble Wurm / [DONE] [Wurm] Wednesday May 7th @ 19:00 UTC
« on: May 08, 2014, 08:25:50 am »
On behalf of all commanders I\'d like to thank everyone who supported us last night setting up the Wurm event. Even when it took us almost 2 hours to get all the players on teamspeak. A lot of you were probably bored out of your mind and I\'m sorry it took us so long getting everything setup.

In the end we came really close to decapitating all three heads with only Cobalt left on 20% due to a rough start (we\'re not blaming anyone for this, everyone did a great job!). With this result I\'m 99% sure we\'ll decapitate all three heads next time and then finish the wurm in phase 2!

We hope you all join us again next time! In-game and on Teamspeak ;)

Events / Crown Pavilion
« on: May 21, 2014, 05:57:26 am »
Since Anet reworked the Crown Pavilion to not be a zerk fest as it was last year during the Queens Jubilee, people will not actually have to work together to get the gold chest reward. To get the gold chest reward you'll have to kill all six bosses within 8 minutes, but they scale up really hard when there are a lot of players, the ideal number per boss is about 12/13 (map hard-cap is 75 players).

Would you people be interested if PSDH organized some of these runs so there is a bigger chance of doing it in 8 minutes instead of the 30/45 minutes I read on reddit? We can probably do this on Thursday and Friday evening and perhaps during the weekend.

General Chat / Combo Fields
« on: May 14, 2014, 05:37:06 pm »
Everything you'll ever want to know about combo fields. So next time a commander asks for might stacks you'll know what to do ;)

Introduce Yourself! / Hi There!
« on: May 14, 2014, 07:23:53 am »
Since Stormwolf and Dob already posted their introductions I can't postpone mine any longer.

My main nickname is Mr_Dark, but most of you will probably know me from my warrior named "Darkward". I like to command the Triple Trouble Wurm (mainly Cobalt) and Tequatl. The Triple Trouble Wurm event is the sole reason I own a commander tag. When the wurm event was just released Piken did not always have enough commanders during the event, so I put on my bad-boy shoes and bought myself a nice blue dorito and started running groups myself.

During one of these runs I met "Kill Them All" from the Enigma guild, one thing let to another, I joined Enigma and shortly after that me and Kill Them All created a community guild called "The Natural Alliance", which main focus was setting up groups for the wurm event. From there on we ran the event every weekend multiple times a day, but never fully killing it. After probably two months someone in NA contacted me saying there was another guild like us but their main focus was Tequatl. This is how I got in contact with Kirmu. After some talking and discussions we decided to merge NA with PSDH as it would be the best for the Piken community to only have one community guild.

Back in the day my gaming "addiction" started when I first played Unreal Tournament ('99, the original) and UT2k3/UT2k4 after that. For a couple of years I played UT2k4 semi-professional and had my (and my clan's) spot in the top brackets of the iDM/iCTF ladder on ClanBase. When UT3 came out our clan disbanded and I started to play LOTRO which was my first real MMO experience (played some Tibia, but not that much). When League of Legends came out of beta me and my friends started to play that game, which fun and all... BUT THEN!! I got wind of Guild Wars 2 and instantly pre-ordered the game and started playing the day it launched. In the beginning I didn't really do much besides levelling until the big Karka event, after that I dropped League (for the better :P) and focussed on GW2. And now.. here we are :)

Guess this is getting kinda long so I'll wrap it up. Oh before I forget, I'm from The Netherlands and I work full-time for a small software from the UK who make software for hotel room-service. Inside the hotel room you have a tablet on which you can order products and view information about the local surroundings.

Anyway, that's it. If you have any other questions about anything feel free to contact me.

Recently we've seen lots of new Elementalist players who want to take the role of egg destroyer (diboofer) and Condi players for controlling the Husks. But since we don't do the wurm event very often it's hard for those players to become familiar with the role.

To help these players we will start going to do practise runs on Thursday at 18:00UTC (19:00BST/20:00CEST). This is the normal time the event spawns so we'll probably try to get on a map which does not have that much random players in it so we don't get disturbed.

If you wish to learn a certain role, technique for the wurm event or if you want to be a mentor, join the PSDH teamspeak 60 to 45 minutes before the event so we have some time giving eveyone a taxi and setting up groups. You don't have to speak if you don't want to, but it makes explaining things a lot easier :)

Events / PSDH WvW Fun Raid
« on: May 07, 2014, 08:14:20 am »
The idea is to go into WvW (Borderlands, EB or EOTM) and have a PSDH raid and try to kick Gandara out of our map ;). Of course we would do other stuff so we don't conflict with other commanders who are running in serious mode. Kirmu came with this idea last weekend, so I figured I'd make a post here to see if there are people interested.

So for those who are interested in joining this event. What are the best times for you to be able to join this and what do you think we should do during this raid?

News & Announcements / PSDH Organization
« on: May 05, 2014, 07:25:57 am »
Guild Leader
  • Darkward (MrDark.9634)

Guild Captains
  • Khain Stormwolf (Stormwolf.8567)
  • Nova Lelie (Persephone.5384)
  • Rediarel (weltall.6041)

  • Darkward (MrDark.9634)
  • Jari The Great (Astrovirus.2936)
  • Kaelik Wau (Chun.1970)
  • Khain Stormwolf (Stormwolf.8567)
  • Nova Lelie (Persephone.5384)
  • Rediarel (weltall.6041)
  • Shiroiki Mei (Tvasan.8075)
  • Tweetiti (Tweetiti.4905)

Learn to Command!
PSDH is always looking for aspiring commanders who're willing to learn the trade. If you want to learn to command one or multiple world bosses, feel free to whisper one of the commanders to ask them for training, they'll gladly help you :)

Triple Trouble Wurm / Triple Trouble Wurm Guides
« on: May 03, 2014, 09:01:47 am »
A small selection of wurm guides, if you have another good one which needs to be added. Put it in the comments.

Event Guides

Diboof (Eggsterminate)

Condi Guids

Triple Trouble Wurm / [DONE] [Wurm] Wednesday May 7th @ 19:00 UTC
« on: April 30, 2014, 03:51:48 pm »
What: Tripple Trouble Wurm
When: Wednesday May 7th at 19:00UTC, 20:00BST, 21:00CET
Where: Bloodtide Coast

We will spawn a private instance of the Wurm event and taxi everyone who is on teamspeak. If we don't have enough people on teamspeak at above time the event will not be spawned because it'll just be a waste of influence and merrits, but hopefully we'll get enough people :)

Note: Make sure you join an hour ahead if you want to get a spot on the map, this event requires some group forming so we need time to set this up.

News & Announcements / PSDH Forums are open for business
« on: April 30, 2014, 03:17:02 pm »
Welcome to the PSDH forums!

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