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Triple Trouble Wurm / Leechers
« on: January 10, 2015, 02:56:29 pm »
Noticed people leeching while deboofing today. Just sitting there doing nothing until burn phase, where they just tag the wurm and that's that.

Please lets try to discourage this behaviour, as there are people who want to get into the map and cannot. A leecher is even less helpful than a random player who isn't on TS.

Triple Trouble Wurm / Re: Tri-Wurm - September 17th @ 20:00UTC - Info Inside
« on: September 18, 2014, 01:36:01 am »
Sorry I couldn't make this one, it's rare that I can participate in events on Wednesdays :(

Triple Trouble Wurm / Re: Tri-Wurm - September 6th @ 20:00UTC - Info Inside
« on: September 06, 2014, 11:04:56 am »
I should be on tonight for some deboof action

Triple Trouble Wurm / Re: Wurm's Diboof Spot
« on: July 06, 2014, 03:05:17 pm »
Just did a run with gw2c. While blocking using invulnerabilities, I was told to stop by someone else in the teamspeak as it's apparently considered an exploit to block the husks (I can never tell if its going to spit the husks or the eggs). So as such, unless you know exactly what is about to spit, stick to just using swirling winds if you're an elementalist deboof.

Although, really A-Net should fix anything they consider as "an exploit" because people could get banned doing things that they think is an intended mechanic rather than something that is considered an exploit (the line is really ambiguous).

Triple Trouble Wurm / Re: Wurm's Diboof Spot
« on: July 02, 2014, 08:20:15 pm »
Apparently swirling winds works again, but I'd be inclined to use both that and the invul method anyhow

Triple Trouble Wurm / Re: Triple Wurm Organised Roster
« on: June 29, 2014, 11:18:44 am »
Any particular wurm you would like to be assigned to?

I am flexible.

Triple Trouble Wurm / Re: Triple Wurm Organised Roster
« on: June 26, 2014, 07:43:22 pm »
If I'm able to make it into an event (never weds) - most saturdays I can do. I'm always happy to help deboof.

Triple Trouble Wurm / Re: Reflecting Eggs at Wurm - Bugged (?)
« on: June 15, 2014, 04:21:01 pm »
I have successfully blocked eggs using mist form, obsidian flesh and foritfy (shield skill), but you must stand at a specific spot in the middle of the wurm (only tested on one head though, think it'll work on all of them)

Triple Trouble Wurm / Re: Some Observations
« on: June 15, 2014, 12:54:53 pm »
Of course! I wasn't saying commanders were the core! Just as a whole people should be trying to improve :)

Further obs: did some debuffing this time
as ele, bring focus, use obs flesh, mist form and fortify (shield skill) to block eggs. The spot you have to stand is quite narrow.

When running the barrels, the group killed pirates first, count down to pick up barrels then ran to a nearby rock formation and placed walls to protect the party, 321 again rushed to the drop spot. If coming from the dry-ground side, they also dropped veils for the barrel carriers. Don't normally do this head, so not sure if this differs any from PSDH. No dedicated clearing group as far as I could tell though, clearing happened mainly when waiting for other groups to catch up or if the pressure became too high.

Triple Trouble Wurm / Some Observations
« on: June 14, 2014, 04:54:48 pm »
I was invited to play with a French group a while back, so I went along.

These guys were very good, it went surprisingly smoothly. It was like an efficient machine. First time was a fail, by mere seconds, that was because they didn't have enough hooks. All the other wurms went down.

They activated it again immediately a second time - this time with success.

It's important we can work towards affording to do this ourselves, this will allow us better odds at success. If we get close, chances are we have the right people in the right place at the right time. Wait for later, people might have other commitments.

Some tactics we've not employed before, that we should:
In collection of the red/green/blue phytotoxin, (which is the *easiest* of the three heads in my opinion), they DPS'd to about 5% of its health then backed off. At 5% they filled in red and yellow, but not blue. They wait for the other two heads to catch up. - This is important, as we've had good runs go awry before because of overdps - Doing this helps overcome mindless zerging.

Burn phases were EFFICIENT. might was stacked, people did hefty damage. We often underdps burn phases, especially on the harder heads.

One final thing to note: we have yet to experience the next phase - killing the heads themselves. Ideally we want to get them up against a wall. They hit hard, and people should stack. Chaotic wandering might be a horrific (and likely) downfall (which we should prepare for if we make it past the first phase).

General Chat / Re: Combo Fields
« on: June 14, 2014, 04:35:21 pm »
I think combo/finishers is something a lot of people easily miss as it's not very well explained by game mechanics plus the nature of the game kinda 'hides' it from a lot of peoples natural play.

A lot of players in the game are ultimately solo players. Even some who are members of guilds, will still prefer to play entirely on their own rather than band up. Certainly, the content of general game play (hearts etc) doesn't encourage team play. Why would people? There's more profit in dungeons than most open world content.

When they reach end-game, they may start dungeoneering or going for fractals. They'll start trying to hone their own build, but they'll end up playing with PuGs. Their main focus will be what is their primary concern - raw dps, DoT, survivability etc. For their own character, without any consideration for other classes. Many at this stage of game play are still unaware what other classes are capable of, and still the combo field thing has never been used all through their game experience right up to this point.

Eventually they'll progress, get a feel for their class properly, and even roll some alts and get a feel for them. But even so, it's still a largely solo experience.

They may eventually even enter WvW, and maybe they'll even be around at the right time an organised commander is playing. They won't get why they want static fields and blast finishers before rushing a mob still (surely that's a waste? surely you'd want to static field the enemy to CC them?) - it doesn't connect.

Then they find out about this dragon thing that people zerg. At least, that's what it looks like to an outsider. People explain things, but people don't quite get what is where until they actually try it a few times. Yet still right up to this point, in their entire game experience, they've still not twigged what a combo field is.

Even though they may have seen things like "area might", they probably still haven't properly twigged how to create that effect, just that it sometimes happens if two people happen to do some things at the same time, but they don't know what.

I had players in my GW1 guild that were there from the start. While the most of us were theorycrafting how to clear the Domain of Anguish as a 3 man team, others in our guild just soloed away.

Towards the very late game as guild wars 2 approached, they actually reached out to us and asked for help. We took them on basic missions and just watched their builds fly by. Some very confused setups. They had no idea how to make the skills synergize on their own bar, let alone any sort of synergy with others.

This is the big problem regarding combo fields really. Many people don't get them because for the large part, they've spent the entire game in isolation and don't really understand the full extent of what is possible in the entire game.

Most combo field triggers are AoE, which is the easiest kind of skill to target when in a big blob - place a thing on the ground, it's gonna hit something. Right? Some people will just mindlessly spam their bar, as their early gameplay experience hasn't explained any mechanic properly. 1 Does damage. 2 does damage, 3 does a thing, 4 does damage. Spam the skills! 1,2,3,4,5, repeat.

So it doesn't surprise me that people will go right up to tequatl and just unload their entire bar, wrong combo fields and all. They don't have a mastery of their own build, nor any knowledge of a combo field, and sadly, the game itself has promoted this kind of behaviour for all except those that really *really* want to get ahead in the game.

However, I think the people who attend the events are listening and are learning, but there's always going to be new faces who haven't yet been shown any ropes and will make huge mistakes.

Introduce Yourself! / Hi There
« on: June 14, 2014, 04:05:52 pm »
Yu Takami here,
I'm sure some of you have seen me about, I'm from the UK, but I can also speak basic Japanese.

I'm a long time player of guild wars, starting in guild wars 1 where I formed my own guild which carried through to guild wars 2. Unfortunately my guild mostly lost interest in GW2 and left entirely, the remainder, unhappy with the lack of numbers in the guild left for bigger guilds such as [eni] and [angz]

First MMO was Ultima Online, still miss that game.

I'm a game developer, working on a number of LEGO games (among many) and during the evening I carry that on working on indie projects, both my own and for others, so my time is pretty tight. I hope to someday launch my own studio, escaping the chaos of corporate dev.

I don't play guild wars 2 as much as I'd like, but I still pop in for the weekends and assuming I defeat the megaserver boss, make it into the occasional tequatl and wurm events. Otherwise, I only play on weds with the [angz] guild (which I'm most active in now) for guild missions and early mornings just to wrap up daily.

My gw2 goal is to get my first legendary. I've been saving since launch, have all I need except the pre, but precursor costs are ridiculous and the random number game never swings in my favour.

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