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Triple Trouble Wurm / Re: Re evaluating sub teams, tactics, foods etc
« on: July 08, 2015, 03:56:21 pm »
The crits were great last night, feels like a balanced place for wurm to be now so hopefully they'll leave the changes there...

- Well being able to dodge is not a question of bringing a proper meta build or not, just the fact full soldier will keep you alive while berseker's will kill you is not a proper excuse to not dodge. and the downed from spits which are called in ts by the reflect team is pretty embarassing.

Agreed, but I think people should not be forced to be on the meta, if the aren't able to deal with being more prone to getting downed. It's usually not the people on TS that get downed by the spit, but rather the ones not hearing the calls from both reflect team and commanders. And with the animation lag that we are having lately, calls sometimes tend to be on the late side as well.

I still think it's good to stimulate people in trying to put more/as much of the meta build in their build to increase the damage, but they should still feel comfortable in what the play/bring, and therefore I have also adapted it slightly for Teq and Wurm to be a little more though than when running dungeons/fractals.

Yeah, a few things here:
Whether people decide to run it or not, encouraging everyone to at least read up on the meta builds for their class and their DPS potential can't be a bad thing, and would give them the opportunity to incorporate the elements that work for them - having people running a build they can't or don't know how to make use of is pointless as has been said. Plus, since at the moment The Meta Is Changing At An Alarming Rate (tm) it might be wise for some to just stick with something they know even if it's not 100% 'optimal'.

Dodging may be something of a separate issue though. For a start, depending on the armour type and health pool of your class, those spits and some other attacks will still down you in Soldier's; if people don't know how to dodge they're in trouble regardless. Plus the latency problems are just an occupational hazard, if you will - on Sunday or Monday, I was downed by an aoe spit that I had dodged and was (as far as I could see) standing nowhere near *shrug* and this also makes a slightly late dodge very unforgiving.

Oh and since some meta builds rely on knowing how to stack might, if it additionally helped people understand that better that'd be fabulous :D

I also talked to Akuma yesterday (since she was so nice to do Melee command for us) and we already shared some thoughts about Teq and Wurm. I think it is a good idea to continue this so that we can help each other.

That was a nice job, props to her ^^

Not much else to add rn but I think we can feel positive :)

(Edits for formatting)

Triple Trouble Wurm / Re: Re evaluating sub teams, tactics, foods etc
« on: July 05, 2015, 03:38:12 am »
Might-stacking seems to be a big issue at the wurm. Maybe try and co-ordinate in small groups who slots what skills and even takes which classes, to ensure we have plenty of fields and blasts without reliance on randoms knowing what to do? I don't know how feasible this is. Potentially offer anyone who doesn't understand how combos work a brief explanation via whisper (from some of us whilst the comms are busy with dry runs)? These feel like terrible suggestions  :P [edit - occurs to me whisper would be super inefficient, so maybe just talk to a small group with say chat... hmm]

As for time warps, at the Open Community run today - err, yesterday - they had mesmers putting an 'x' in say chat and allocating numbers in the same way we do warriors for battle standards, and then calling numbers to space out the skill during burns. Again, not sure how feasible, or worthwhile, an idea that is. Not all their tactics seem helpful anyway. I do think wurm will be fine if the DPS can be more consistent anyway :) and Teq, fingers crossed, will be more manageable with the upcoming change.

- can we use something better once we have run through what we have left in the bank? (both regular and condi food - obviously cost permitting)

Always happy to contribute ingredients if there's something better out there but cost is an issue.

Events / Re: [POLL] Thursday Night Event
« on: July 03, 2015, 04:25:47 pm »
Today ended with lots of love for Dark :D

Very much enjoying all the screenshots from this :D

Events / Re: PSDH birthday
« on: June 30, 2015, 01:56:37 pm »
Will the votes for the usual Thursday event choices be carried over to next week? :)

Events / Re: PSDH birthday
« on: June 29, 2015, 04:37:36 pm »
Oooh. Still haven't even tried the jp... could be interesting xD would we be best to gather where it starts or somewhere else to begin with?
Better pass my quaggan tonic over to my mesmer :3

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