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Author Topic: Guild Culture  (Read 2401 times)


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Guild Culture
« on: October 08, 2015, 10:30:24 pm »
Over the past few months PSDH has grown very rapidly and with that the PSDH culture has changed a little. Today I’m here to talk to you about the PSDH culture and how we can make it better again. (I’ll try to keep it short). The main reason for this post is because of some discussion about our zero-tolerance rule on Quaggans (looOovely little creatures).

PSDH was created to be a fun guild which people can join to do large-scale events which need some coordination (e.g. Tequatl and Wurm). Because we don’t want to be a military style guild and we’d like to keep things simple, we only have two rules:
  • Treat everyone (in and out of the guild) with respect
  • Join teamspeak during events
Over the last 2 or 3 months we’ve seen a change in the way people treat each other in guild/map chat but also on Teamspeak.

The usage of curse words has been increased - mainly on teamspeak. PSDH does not have a minimum age restriction so it would be great if cursing can be kept at a minimum. We don’t want inflict bad behaviour on our younger guildies. I will admit I’m also letting out a curse word once in awhile of which I’m not proud of as I’m here to set the an example.

Joking / Trolling
Getting back on the Quaggan topic. This is a joke which has gotten out of hand. It started as an internal joke between a few guildies but has gradually spread out to guild, say and map chat and Teamspeak. Some of our self-proclaimed Quaggan haters spoke out about their Quaggan hate when someone said something nice about Quaggans to which the Quaggan lovers responded again to get a rise out of the haters. This became a vicious circle and turned into a tornado.

While we certainly do enjoy a joke or two - especially during down time on Teamspeak, when we’re not busy getting the event organization ready - this one in particular got really out of hand. This caused us to enforce the infamous Q-rule; If you say Quaggan in chat or Teamspeak you’ll have to donate 1 gold to the guild bank. As of right now this rule no longer applies, please make sure we don’t have to re-enforce it ;)

Let me get this straight. It’s fine to speak your mind when you do or do not like something, just don’t start or keep responding if you feel like the others are just trying to get a rise out of you (aka trolling). If you and this other person do not mind the trolling, please keep it in whisper or party chat so you don’t bother the rest of the guild with it.

If there is something/someone in the guild which/who you don’t like or can be changed, you can always contact one (or more) of the coordinators and discuss it with us. If you think more people should hear it and give their voice about it, feel free to give us a signal after TT-Wurm or on Thursday when more people are online on teamspeak and we’ll let people stay a bit longer so you can do your story.

You can also give your thoughts anonymously on the website using the Thought Box.
Don’t think that because you’re “just a member” you don’t have any say in how PSDH is ran. We value all input and always try to make PSDH a better place.

I hope you understand this and we can take PSDH back to that point where everyone who joins the guild and Teamspeak feels welcome and can have a good time.

Further I would advise you to (re-)read the PSDH Etiquette and PSDH Membership, so that you really understand how we’d envision PSDH to be.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them below.
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