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Author Topic: Is this right for sloth?  (Read 7850 times)


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Is this right for sloth?
« on: October 30, 2016, 12:22:50 pm »

Red ring is kill Zone.
Green and yellow are Slubling paths.
blue rings are temporary safe zones.

The idea is that the Slubling get to the mushroom in the centre of the kill zone as soon as the mushroom re-spawns.
On the way to the centre, the Slubling will create a safe zone for people to go while the centre mushroom is eaten.
Once the centre mushroom is eaten, all move back to the kill zone.

Not sure this quite the way we where doing it yesterday, but I think this may work.
Just thought a pretty picture would explain it a little better, or at lest the way I understood it :)

This way all damage is done at the centre, where the enemy slublings spawn,


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Re: Is this right for sloth?
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2016, 02:57:59 pm »
Never seen a group doing mushrooms in an cross.  Usually mid strat just takes the left mushroom from the wall on a straight line between mushrooms while clearing also the side from time to time.
1does some of the yellow then follows green,  4 is the same on green (I usually clean also the starting spot), 3 seems the same,  2 goes across to the yellow line to the third mushroom maybe with some side clearing. There is also the side strategy but I didn't see it for a while (just clears edges)  or a mix of the two.  Hc guild do something which seems a mix between mid and your graph (don't think I can post the pic for it as it's not mine).
But eventually this matters only for pug groups if that movement works for your group keep it.  The only thing is regardless you cannot keep it always exactly in the middle due to poison respawn time


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Re: Is this right for sloth?
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2016, 04:07:23 pm »
This was an 8 group strategy we was trying, to keep up the DPS, Dark.
The idea was to turn into slubling at the right time and be a slubling for as little time as possible so one can return to doing DPS.
« Last Edit: November 01, 2016, 04:11:12 pm by Palingenesis »


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Re: Is this right for sloth?
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2016, 01:09:50 pm »
I'm not dark XD
You are trading then some safety of the run for dps by cleaning less and thus having less movement space.


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Re: Is this right for sloth?
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2016, 12:12:43 pm »
The tactic you're describing is demonstrated in these videos:
both videos have links to other videos of other player point of views.

Red is right in that it's uncommon, because it's not often a required tactic if you're going with a full squad, it also requires a lot more coordination to make sure everyone is on the same page with the tactic, something you often can't afford with a random group.

It is a speed clear tactic, designed for increased efficiency. When you are low in numbers (i.e. not 10 man) you want to consider ways to increase your damage as much as possible as it is easier to reach enrage with the decrease of damage due to low numbers. If you want a safe run, you take 10 people and take no chances.

By doing this, you trade one set of dangers for another set of dangers. The biggest danger doing it this way is simply if a slubling doesn't eat the right things at the right time, the run goes to pot. However, the benefits of this method are that you have increased DPS (since sloth is motionless, he essentially turns into a training golem) and that you're right ontop of the slubling spawn point and can cleave them down = no slubling pressure. You also gain more DPS as there is less downtime for players who are eating poison areas.

If you have less people, you also have the benefit of more situational clarity - there's less effects going on, less mini aoe's get spawned during his tantrum. Because of this fact, the decrease in playable space is not that big a deal but it does of course mean that people should spare their dodge rolls for when they actually need them.

As for doing this tactic "normally": Asking if this is the right way or not will receive mixed responses, because there's lots of ways to approach the slothasor fight.

I've seen groups do it this way, I've seen groups circle around the middle (which we often do) and I've seen groups circle around the edge. Each have pros and cons.

If you circle the edge (which I've seen numerous pug groups do) - you have safer poison drop offs. You don't have to care about where to take the poison, you just backtrack the route you came. The downside is that slubling pressure gets built up particularly fast because they become so distant for pulls and are in a bad spot for cleaving down, so groups end up sacrificing damage for reflects or projectile destruction, plus slothasor is a frequently moving target which means staff AoE and other large DPS vs large hitboxes gets diminished.

Of course, none of that matters if you have the DPS of say.... qT where you can kill slothasor within the space of 2-3 mushrooms (i.e. before many slublings even get a chance to spawn) but not that many people actually do.

Circling the middle is a happy balance, you effectively clear 4 quadrants, and are away from the slubling spawn point for a small period of time, where they can be pulled in. I would consider it the safest method, but it isn't the fastest. You still get a little bit of slubling pressure, but it'll come in waves - at the points you are furthest away from the spawn point of the slublings.

Anyway back to the "stay in the middle" tactic ->

When using this tactic, these are the times the mushroom eaters must eat their respective mushrooms:

Eater A 5.55, Eater B 4.57, Eater C 3.55, Eater A 2.40, Eater B 1.40, Eater C 0.35

Note: you only need 3 mushroom eaters due to the spacing of the eating times.
EG have a very prescribed and specific poison dropping strategy which can be seen here: but we used a somewhat simplified version of this, that still works out (we did a LOT of measuring).

Poison dropping locations are specific due to the relative safety of reaching the extents of the arena and where the 'safe spot' will be when the party briefly move off the centre spot to allow the slubling to re-eat the middle. i.e. you don't want to roll into a poison circle.

The poison circles should just about reach the middle, but not quite. Also note, circles don't need to be fully dropped off at the very edges in some circumstances - like towards the end of the fight, if you're dropping off near the starting location - they don't need to be further than the mushroom than the slubling eats because their radius simply won't reach the middle.

Here is an exact breakdown of who eats what, and when posions go places the way we were doing it:

Eat X at 6.45
Poison Start 6.35
Poison Start 6.10
Imbued Mushroom 2 at 5.55
Eat 3 at 5.53
Eat 4 at 5.50
Poison Arrow 5.45
Eat X at 5.45
Poison Circle 5.20
Imbued Mushroom 3 at 4.57
Eat 5 at 4.55
Poison Heart 4.55
Eat 6 at 4.52
Eat 7 at 4.48
Eat X at 4.45
Poison Square 4.30
Poison Star 4.05
Imbued Mushroom 4 at 3.55
Eat 8 at 3.52
Eat 9 at 3.49
Eat X at 3.45
Eat 10 at 3.42
Poison Swirly 3.40
Poison Triangle 3.15
Poison Start 2.50
Imbued Mushroom 2 at 2.50
Eat 3 at 2.48
Eat 4 at 2.45
Eat X at 2.42
Poison Arrow 2.25
Poison Circle 2.00
Imbued Mushroom 3 at 1.50
Eat 5 at 1.49
Eat 6 at 1.46
Eat 7 at 1.43
Eat X at 1.40
Poison Heart 1.35
Poison Square 1.10

You'll also observe we skip Imbued Mushroom 1 the second time around, the eating times are spaced such that X gets eaten just when it needs to be - but as a side effect only 3 mushroom eaters are required because we delay taking the imbued mushrooms.

This method undeniably tricky to pull off because it requires people to be in concert, but has benefits - you get increased focus on just damaging slothasor and it forces the stack due to space - which means everyone gets benefits of quickness and alacrity as well as easy heals/grace of the land (a druid's hell is a group not stacked - they just can't heal all of you spread out). Additionally, it means the group is in range of the chronomancer for distortions too - which helps during the shakes. A group going exploring around the arena means a slower time beating up slothasor.

Anyway, hope that helps / clarifies that specific tactic.


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Re: Is this right for sloth?
« Reply #5 on: November 08, 2016, 08:54:11 pm »
First of all, nice to see my vid posted here ^^
Secondly, be aware that both we (eS) and EG used special tactics for the low mans, both in terms of which mushrooms to eat and when to eat them. It is a eating pattern that is very unforgiving, and nothing i would recommend unless you are trying to make some kind of record or low man run.

There are other strategies that keep Sloth relatively still that don't have such immense risk attach to it, and I'd recommend using one of those instead :)
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