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Author Topic: DRAGONFALL - SATURDAY 3rd June - 19:00 UK // 20:00 CEST  (Read 1638 times)


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DRAGONFALL - SATURDAY 3rd June - 19:00 UK // 20:00 CEST
« on: May 29, 2017, 11:16:19 am »
RPS is hosting an event again, and we have a special guest from PSDH joining us as a commander, our very own Ardi.


At 19:00 UK time (20:00 CEST) on Saturday 3rd June, we'll gather up in an empty Silverwastes map and run the Vinewrath meta there. Fortunately, the meta there isn't on a specific timer - and we can likely kill the final boss within an hour.

That gives us the time to move over to Dragon's Stand in time for the meta there to spawn at 20:30 UK time.

The beauty of this idea is that we can form into three lanes during the Silverwastes, and keep those squads for Dragon's Stand.


    The Heart of Thorns expansion (if you want to come to the Dragon's Stand part of the event);
    At least the first waypoints in both the Silverwastes and Dragon's Stand zones;
    A well-geared level 80 character; and
    Access to the Discord to join us on voice chat.


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Re: DRAGONFALL - SATURDAY 3rd June - 19:00 UK // 20:00 CEST
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2017, 03:30:35 pm »
Hi everyone.

It's today that the RPS Guild Wars 2 guild will be hosting an open event for the rest of the game's community on EU: DRAGONFALL!

This will be an event of two assaults, taking place one after the other. They are against big bosses of two of the game's level 80 zones: The Silverwastes, and Dragon's Stand.

Links for the Night:

Invite to the event's Discord voice channel:

Tune in to our Dubtrack to listen to songs together... and add your own to the playlist:


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