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Author Topic: [News] Guild Meeting July 12th  (Read 4567 times)


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[News] Guild Meeting July 12th
« on: July 04, 2017, 07:25:24 pm »
Hello all!

On Wednesday the 12th of July we will organise the first of our annual guild meetings. As you may (or may not) know the PSDH commanders have a meeting once every couple months to discuss the state of the guild and our events. This time everyone is invited!

So if you are interested in the future of PSDH and would perhaps like to join the discussion (vocal or in chat), this is your chance!
For now our main topics will be:
  • Guild health (members & commanders)
  • Getting more people on Teamspeak during events
  • Late squad joins during Tangled Depths & Dragon Stand
  • TT-Wurm: Vocal explanation of diboofing before event
  • Thursday Social Night
  • Saturday Silverwastes
  • Anything else which may come up
If there's something else you would like us to discuss during this meet, please leave a reply in this thread or send me a message.

After the meetup myself and the other guild captains will be available for anyone who wish to speak with us privately.

When: Wednesday July 12th at 20:15BST/21:15CEST
Where: Teamspeak (
How long: We'll try to keep it between 1 and 1,5 hour

See you there!

Meeting Notes
Guild health (members & commanders)
  • Overall the guild is in good shape. We’re still steadily receiving new applications from people who want to join PSDH
    • Currently 272 members
  • Dark is going to try to do a purge more regularly, once every 4 months. Reason for a purge is to cleanup the guild and remove everyone who just joined PSDH for
    • One or two events and never bothered getting their rank up
    • Make sure of our scribing station or to gather our nodes
  • During a purge all Frog Hunters are removed from the guild and all Dragon Hunters are set to Frog Hunter
  • Commander-wise we’re a bit low for comfort due to some commanders currently having other priorities in life - which is fine
    • At the moment we have 4 new trainee commanders
    • If you’d like to try your hand at commanding, let one of the leaders know and we can give you some information and help you out

Getting more people on Teamspeak during events
  • Since last year or so there is a decline of the number who join Teamspeak during events. This is not a problem for events like Tequatl, but it does pose some problems for TT-Wurm and Dragon’s Stand
    • For commanders it’s not viable to use text chat while running around since it will mean we can’t move or change direction quickly
    • Before the event we spam in-game chat asking people to join TS, but it’s not working
  • Suggestion: Use Discord instead of Teamspeak since that’s what the cool people are using
    • Not viable for us since Discord does not have an option to whisper certain people in other channels
  • Suggestion: Relay Teamspeak voice to Discord. People on Discord will hear what’s going on on Teamspeak
    • Dark has been doing some research on Teamspeak/Discord protocols but has no time to build the app
    • Con: We can’t hear what they say on Discord
    • Con: People might get lazy and just join Discord
    • Pro: At least they’ll be listening
  • Suggestion: Cancel event if there are not enough people on Teamspeak at a certain time
    • Announce it in map chat that we will cancel the event if there are not enough people on Teamspeak and keep the map updated
    • We would need a backup event to do something else if the event is cancelled
    • Con: We’d probably have to cancel a lot of events
    • Con: If people know we might cancel the event they’ll leave for OC or GW2comm map
  • Suggestion: Spam advertisement in maps like OC and GW2comm do
    • Not something we’d want to do as it sounds desperate
    • We could try to just advertise once in LA and or DR as these are the two main city hubs
  • Suggestion: Get everyone its help enticing people to get on Teamspeak
    • If more different people ask for other people to join Teamspeak they might be more willing to install/join Teamspeak, especially since it’s not just their commander asking
    • Doing this in say chat is helpful since it renders a bubble, it’s in your face and hard to miss
  • Other suggestions:
    • Try to recruit people outside of events
    • Offer cookies
    • Join the commander during walkthroughs even if you know what to do
    • Players who know the event can help the commander by relaying the walkthrough in say chat
  • Conclusion: In the end we’ll have to get used to these lower TS numbers since PSDH is the kind of guild who organizes events for everyone.
    • Regular guildies will help out the commanders with advertising Teamspeak in say chat during our events
    • If we ever get a prototype to relay Teamspeak to Discord we’re open to try it
    • Hope the expansion brings in more new players and has some cool events which we can do

Late squad joins during Tangled Depths & Dragon’s Stand
  • The declining popularity of both Tangled Depths and Dragon’s Stand is not very surprising as the content is getting older and more and more people are done with the content
  • Last week with Dragon’s Stand we tried jumping 5 minutes earlier
    • This increased both the initial squad members and people on Teamspeak
    • This is only 1 sample, so the data is not reliable enough to say this is the fix
  • For Tangled Depths we’re now putting up LFG as soon as we have found a map
  • Suggestion: Dropping small wurm after Shatterer and going straight to Lake Doric
    • Jungle wurm is nice fast loot, 5 min isn’t going to make a difference here
  • Conclusion: Not skipping Jungle Wurm, instead of waiting around for everyone in Lake Doric we’ll start almost immediately

TT-Wurm: Vocal explanation of diboofing before event
  • Idea: Before the event starts diboofers go into a separate channel to discuss diboofing if there are new people. It’s hard to type everything in party chat if you want to teach
    • Should be nice of people are available to assist with the right classes
    • Kaelik (wasn’t at the meet but people voted for him) and Cori will take the lead on this
    • On the PSDH website there is a comprehensive guide on diboofing
    • Novices get paired with veterans

Thursday Social Night Rotation
  • It’s social night so numbers are always going to be lower compared to the other PSDH events. If the numbers keep being as low as they are now (6-8) do we still want to keep it on the schedule?
    • People ask in guild chat every week if there are any events going on
  • Suggestion: Have people vote for what they want to do that day
    • Tried this in the past, people didn’t vote
  • Suggestion: Add dungeon/fractals to the rotation
    • Problem with this is that it’s for 5 man groups, people are going to be left out
  • Suggestion: Put living story maps in the rotation
    • Could make it so we’d always have the last three LS maps in the thursday rotation. When a new maps comes out, it replaces the oldest.
  • Suggestion: WvW night
    • Doesn’t work since we’re all from different servers
  • Conclusion: Living Story maps will be put into rotation instead of Verdant Brink, Auric Basin and Silverwastes. These maps will be put into the voted event

Saturday Silverwastes
  • Saturday silverwastes mostly done by Ardi. Ardi has not been organising it due to reasons.
    • No volunteer so it will be removed from the schedule
    • If Ardi does show up and wants to organise it he will announce it in guild chat during Teq/TT

PSDH Teamspeak
  • There are a lot of channels but not really a place to hang-out as a PSDH, besides Crafty Wankers and some random PvE channels
    • PSDH started out as a pure world boss guild but, over the years, has grown to be a guild of it’s own
    • If there would be a PSDH channel, some people are more likely to join TS to just hangout. Creates more of a community
  • Conclusion: Remove all the PvE/PvP/Event channels and create a new [PSDH] guild channel with some sub-channels.
    • If more sub-channels are needed we can create them later
    • Fluffy Bunny PG13 channel in which NSFW and politics are forbidden

New Expansion Bosses
  • When the new expansion launches we need to go for the last boss faster. This so we can learn it and then organise it as a guild
    • There will be a break of regular events to commanders can go out and learn the events. Hopefully then we can run it in the second week
    • Non-commander guildies can step-up and help us organising. This allows guildies to become a PSDH commander without going through the normal trainee program

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Re: [News] Guild Meeting July 12th
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2017, 07:49:01 pm »
Sry i cant be there too bad :( i am in the middle of the move.


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Re: [News] Guild Meeting July 12th
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2017, 10:52:04 am »
Thanks everyone who joined us yesterday, we had a great meeting and some good ideas came from it.

I have processed the notes Nova made yesterday and consolidated them into a readable list ;) You can find it in the start post.
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