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* Upcoming Events

PSDH Wintersday Event
As per tradition, PSDH would like to end the year with our Wintersday event! Join us Wednesday 20th December 2017 at 19:30(UK)/20:30(NL)
For this year we have a number of festive events planned. Toypocalypse can be played with pre-made teams this year, so we'll make sure to do that. Secret Santa makes it comeback, you can sign-up even if you can't make it to the actual event evening. Gem will be holding her famous GOLD lottery. Last but not least, we'll be judging your Wintersday screenshots and the top 3 win some prizes!
- Secret Santa Sign-up
- Wintersday Event Info

New Schedule!!
We have tried to give you a day of each so Monday has PoF, Wednesday Core, Sat HoT and Sun GM's with a bit more PoF.
There is also a poll up (see link below) where you can feedback to us about what you like and dislike.
Please keep it constructive :P
We can always review the winter schedule over Christmas break if something really isnt working for us.


Author Topic: PSDH Wintersday Christmas Event!  (Read 117 times)


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PSDH Wintersday Christmas Event!
« on: December 03, 2017, 03:39:41 pm »
Save the date - PSDH celebrate Christmas 2017!

Wednesday 20th December 2017 @ 19:30(UK)/20:30(NL)

For everyone who wants to celebrate Wintersday and get into the Christmas spirit we shall be hosting an evening of events including:
  • Superfun Secret Santa
  • Merry Christmas Screenie Competition (see below for more deets)
  • Gem’s Gold Lotto
  • Toypocalypse
Keep your eyes out in the lead up to the events for further information and how to participate in Gem's Gold Lotto.

Screenshot competition rules are simple:
  • Make nice in game screen with Christmas topic
  • Link your screen in comments below - you have until 20th December 2017 – if you don’t know where to upload pictures use
  • Editing of your screen in third party software is NOT ALLOWED
Our fine PSDH leaders will judge these screenshots using a score from 0 (bad) to 5 (awesome). The screenshot with the most points will win.

Prizes for the screenshot competition will be announced during the event on the 20th and will be:
1st - 100 gold!
2nd - 50 gold
3rd - 25 gold

Good luck and most of all have fun!

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Aurelia Ravenclaw - Tempest
Interfrastic Leah - Dragonhunter
Sage Georgette - Chronomancer
Jora Stonewatcher - Reaper
Kermee - Berserker


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My entry to the Screenshot competition!
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2017, 09:19:04 pm »

This is Dave, Santa's meaner younger brother.

He's in charge of asset acquisition and protection.

Don't let him near your kids.
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Re: PSDH Wintersday Christmas Event!
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2017, 09:45:38 pm »

My mini snowball is angry 'cause it isn't inside the snowman.
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