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Author Topic: Open job positions  (Read 5831 times)


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Open job positions
« on: November 18, 2019, 02:44:18 PM »
Here at PSDH Industries, we're always looking for new talent to strengthen our team. Below you will find a list of "job" positions for which we are looking people to fill them.

If you are interested in one of our listings below, or you want to get some more information, or perhaps there is something else you would like to do, please contact Mr_Dark on Discord or TeamSpeak to discuss.

Have you ever been alone at an in-game event which you wanted to complete and did not have enough people around you, so you tagged up and communicated this in map chat? Or joined another commander for a certain event and thought, "This dude doesn't know what he's doing, I can do this better"? Then becoming a PSDH commander might be for you!

PSDH runs a wide variety of events and we're always looking for more people to help us organize them. You'll be joining our commander ranks and help organize events which include;
* posting advertisement messages in guild and map chat
* tagging up so people can join your squad
* helping people understand the event and what needs to be done
* if the event requires it doing a (vocal) walkthrough

PSDH can offer you:
* a stable guild which has been around for 6+ years
* gateway to a lot of new friends (we have a real-life meetup every year)
* training for events you're not familiar with by one of our veteran commanders

We also offer trainee commander positions for those of you who want to command but have zero-experience. During your trainee time, our veteran commanders will teach you the ropes and make sure you feel comfortable commanding events.

Programmer and/or Designer (Website)
As you can see the PSDH website is not up to par with the latest 2019/2020 trends. Therefore PSDH is looking for one or multiple people who can re-vamp or re-build the PSDH website so it - once again - looks nice and shiny.

We have no preferred programming language in which the site should be built, but no Wordpress. I mean, c'mon. Hosting is done on our own server so there's no limit on what you can use. Once the new site is done we hope you stick around and maintain it ;)

Programmer (Discord bot)
Besides our website Discord is being used more and more. In order to enhance our Discord server, we're looking for someone who wants to build a custom PSDH bot. Our current bot is very limited as it only posts today's event 30 minutes before the event start and supplies a countdown for when a new real-life meeting is coming up.

For the new bot we would like it to have some of the following features:
* At the beginning the week, post a list of all events for that week
* 30 Minutes before an event starts, post a reminder
* LFG system which can be used for events, dungeons, fractals, raids
* We'll probably think of some more additions later on ;)
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