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Author Topic: Hi everybody!^^  (Read 4370 times)


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Hi everybody!^^
« on: December 13, 2019, 02:58:22 pm »
My name is Ivan, I live in Moscow, Russia. I am 29 years old and I am a marketer.
Therefore, it goes.

To be precise, it is not a marketer, but a media buyer, a social targetolog. In short, the one who advertises on Facebook and instagram. Not all of course! Now I help small business to tell the world around them about themselves. Yes, yes, I am the same person who makes ads, but in excuse, I can say that I try to do something interesting!
However, these are all boring details. Let's talk about interesting ;)
In free time. A strong statement in free time ... And yet. I meet friends, communicate with relatives. I read quite a lot of different things. If you advise something from the simple literature in English, except for Harry Potter, I will be very grateful!
I paint miniatures on the warhammer fantasy battles universe, collect all kinds of pieces from Lego, try to collect all kinds of pieces from arduino, try to make friends of pieces from Lego and arduino. I'm trying to raise a cat. Trying to write short stories! In general, I try many things.
You probably already guessed that with English everything is pretty sad with me?)

This is a kind of new hobby.
Otherwise, I’m not doing anything remarkable ... Of course, I do not do all this at the same time. There are times when I throw everything together and get carried away with something new, although usually everyone does not have much and something basically. With alternating success.
Ah, I almost forgot, we are still playing with friends in the analogue of DND. Only by their invented universes. It turns out pretty fun!

In addition, of course, the last ones on the list, but not by value! Computer games.
Since childhood, as far as I remember, I was constantly playing something. Now tastes are settled, priorities have changed. Moreover, I was completely fascinated by GW2.
 A kind of first love was L2, it was something enchanting. Then, seriously and for a long time spun with WoW.
Uhhh, how much everything was. How many beautiful memories related to WoW. There were even serious requests for professional raids. We then, with one fun gang, almost took the first kill on the server. Raid time, 6 days a week, 5 hours a day, 200 attempts per day. Wow rampant geeks!

There were many similar games, but there were exceptions among them. EVE attracted attention for a long time, but somehow it did not work out. In RF online, the simplest game, in which the finest company of people with whom we still communicate, has been selected although for 10 years we have not been playing it.
In addition, here we are. We indirectly communicate on the forum dedicated to the guild from GW2.

In GW2, I like it most of all, that's it!

GW2 charmed me all! The world that invites you to explore. I’m seriously thinking about how to make a couple of videos on youtube about the game. In the Russian segment of youtube, there are not so many sensible videos that would help beginners start playing. World, quests, history, game designer. The mechanics. Speaking of research, did you know that magic find does not affect the chance to get something better from Pieces of Unidentified Gear and fractal chests? I didn’t know =) And I opened 2,000 pieces of common unidentified gear, 200 chests to check. Maybe the difference is 85% and 435% magic find, not so significant ... Now there are suspicions that it is better to identify Pieces of Unidentified Gear first and only then break it. While storing it for the test.

The only thing that upsets, in the game there are not so many classes in which you can blunt the company. Although as they say, everything is in our hands! How do you look at the idea, how do you look at running a crowd through maguma for HP?)

Basically now in the game I go through puzzles, bargain on the market, close fractals and slowly pump up other characters. Right now, I want to make an engineer out of Pdps, add heal build.

Probably something like this)

At first I wanted to ask a friend who knows English well to correct the text, but changed my mind. I want to chat with you. Let it not be as good as we would like, but I will be it and I hope communication will be better every day!
Guys, I really like you guild and I hope we by friends!

P.S. Due to bad English, I’m very shy to communicate, it would be cool if you don’t be shy to invite me! ^^

Sulariali Pdps Holo \ Lirasu Mesmer 60lvl \ On Discord - AE563

Nova Lelie

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Re: Hi everybody!^^
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2019, 07:13:24 pm »
Hey and welcome, although we spoke before of course :)

Don't worry about your English, it is fine :D

I fear I don't know any literature to recommend, I will have to point you one of our British, American, Canadian or Australian guildies. If you're not sure who to ask, I'll gladly introduce you to some of them.

If you ever need help with any game mode, quest or event we are hosting, feel free to ask me (almost) anything.

Kill the thingy!


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Re: Hi everybody!^^
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2019, 06:10:27 pm »
Thank you very much for the welcome, very nice ^^
Write to you about ideas for events?)

It would be interesting to chat with the guys from Canada. My dream is to cross over to them in a couple of years.

Where do you mostly all chat? I go to the vehicle or Discord, no one = (
« Last Edit: December 14, 2019, 06:12:43 pm by Felikses »
Sulariali Pdps Holo \ Lirasu Mesmer 60lvl \ On Discord - AE563


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Re: Hi everybody!^^
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2019, 10:56:30 am »
Hi Ivan! Nice to meet you :)
I'm Ewa, guildies call me Bez as my main char is Bezglutek ^^ I'm from Poland and I have two cats :D
I'm also shy to communicate (at least online, during meetups I've been quite talkative ^^') so I can relate :D - your writing is good though, so I don't think you should worry about it ;) I always say this to my friends who feel like they're bad in English: as long as people understand you - it's good, you're not a native speaker, you're not a linguist, you don't need to be perfect.
When it comes to books, not sure how "simple" it is, but I would definitefy reccomend the Discworld series from Terry Pratchett - it was quite simple for me, but I've read it in Polish first so maybe that's why I find it simple  ^^'  Basically whatever book you like and can find the English version of it would be good, I think. Usually teen literature is easier that the adult one. Definitely do not read Tolkien xD it's total pain in English. Oh, Game of Thrones was also quite easy to read, now that I think about it..
There's a nice podcast series on Spotify where a guy reads some stories and talk a bit about the author, and describes the meaning of some tougher words, it's called Easy Stories in English, I'd reccomend that as well! And for me the biggest help with getting used to English is watching foreign movies and tv series with original audio and English subtitles.

The main tool for our guild communication would be Discord and Teamspeak, but the talkativeness varies from day to day, you know, work/school/other stuff, but there's a lot of people so if you drop a topic/question, someone will usually reply ^^
Bezglutek / Szkocka z Lodem / Crazy Chemist / Dynamic Muffin / The Moon Moon / Mr Catnip Addict / Autodestrukcja / Miss Ble


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