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Author Topic: [ANN] Winter Schedule Available  (Read 7874 times)


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[ANN] Winter Schedule Available
« on: October 10, 2019, 09:03:07 pm »
Hi everyone!

It's that time of the year again, days are getting shorter so you spent more time behind the computer in the dark. We've taken this opportunity to revamp our schedule and try something new.

Instead of dictating exactly what events we're doing each and every day, we've split up the days in the Tyria regions. The reasoning behind this is that:
1) You don't have to be online exactly at a specific time, but can just join in half-way or leave early without feeling bad
2) Gives us more opportunity to do different events and gives you a say in what events you would like to do
3) Innovation?

The new schedule is a follow:

Monday: Latest Living Story Meta
We'll do events on and around the maps related to the latest living story achievements. Hopefully, this will get you all your achievements or anything you need.
Start time: 19:30UK/20:30EU

Wednesday: Heart of Thorns Night
Any of the events in the HoT maps; Silverwastes, Dry Top, Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths, Dragons' Stand or Living Story 3 maps. Those who join us on Teamspeak will have a say in what events they would like to do.
Start time: 19:30UK/20:30EU

Thursday: Core Tyria Night
Any of the events on the core Tyria maps, but also dungeons and fractals. Those who join us on Teamspeak will have a say in what events they would like to do. Do I hear an old-school boss run coming up?
Start time: 19:30UK/20:30EU

Saturday: Path of Fire Lunch
Any of the maps added in the latest expansion and any of the Living Story 4 maps, eg; Desert Highlands, Crystal Oasis, Domain of Vabbi, Elon Riverlands, The Desolation
Start time: 11:30UK/12:30EU

Sunday: This is the only day we have a planned schedule - you will want to be on time in order to get into the map for TT
11:15UK/12:15EU - Tequatl
12:00UK/13:00EU - Taidha
12:15UK/13:15EU - Triple Trouble
13:15UK/14:15EU - Guild Missions

The new schedule will be effective Sunday, October 27

I can imagine this is a lot to take in and if you have any questions we've planned a "Guild Meeting" (on Teamspeak) where you will be able to ask us (almost) any questions regarding the schedule or guild. This meeting will be held Thursday, October the 24th. We will be available from 19:00UK/20:00EU till 21:00UK/22:00EU. Of course, you're also free to post anything below in the comments.

In order to run all these different events, we're looking for new commanders! If you're interested in running some events, send us a message and we'll set you up :)

Hopefully, y'all like what we've come up with.

- Your overlords
Dark, Nova, Storm, Red
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Re: [ANN] Winter Schedule Available
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2019, 10:19:15 am »
hello Dark, Nova, Red, Storm
thanks for the events schedule update.
i have the guild google calendar events set up to link with my google calendar. Will the new changes be updated on the google calendar as well?

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Nova Lelie

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Re: [ANN] Winter Schedule Available
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2019, 11:02:27 am »
Hey, it's updated now :)
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Nova Lelie

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Re: [ANN] Winter Schedule Available
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2019, 07:45:15 pm »
Hello guildies,

As you know we recently had a guild meet about the new schedule and the guild in general. During the night I (Nova) have taken minutes, so without further ado, here they are:

- We should pay Cori 20x more for leading the raid group. (Agreed 20x0=0)

- Moarrr Dhuum.

- The summer weekend event schedule clashes with lunchtime.

- When Anet brings out a bonus week - like they did on world boss train - change the schedule to do that (for some of the days). You can combine that with for instance the Shadow Behemoth portal achievement.

- We are doing Shatterer on Thursday and after that we can see if anyone wants to do a fractal or dungeon, or some story achievements. Note: Actively use guild chat.

- We have 2 members who expressed that they want to try commanding for PSDH. Guild Leaders will contact them about this.

- Dark posed the question: How can we better engage new guildies? The following things were suggested: Group up for strike missions, dungeons and fractals. The thursday is the designated day for that. But of course we can also ask on other days in guild chat if anyone is up for something. Guild Leaders will see how they can make this more engaging.
Also Raids was suggested. Several of us (leaders and members) noted that raids are hard for us to organise in a way that everyone can participate. This is why we do not organise a group ourselves. We did however organise raid training over last years Wintersday break. The people remaining from that group are raiding on fridays, led by Cori. Jari and Nova some weeks still join that group to helpout if they are low on numbers. Cori notes that if people are interested to join the raid on friday night, they are free to contact him. He will then see if there are spots available to join in that week. 

-It would be nice if the bot in discord would also send out a weekly schedule, for instance on monday afternoon. Dark will look into the options available for that.

- It would be nice if we had a LFG channel on discord (perhaps linked to website too?) where people can post in advance that they want to do dungeons/fractals/strike mission/raids/achievs on a later moment. Other guildies can then sign up to join them. Dark will look into available options.

- Can the bot send out automatic patch notes after an update? Yes it can, and it now does! Dark adjusted it during the meet.

- The bot in discord could have a seperate channel. Dark states that the lobby is ment for gw2 and guild related stuff, so it is sort of a separate channel. He will keep an eye out though after all adjustments are done. If it gets too much he will see about a separate channel.

- It is possible to have the next guild meet in the weekend? We will take it into consideration when we plan for the next meet.

After that we talked about raids, the change in build templates and Halloween amongst other things  ;)

To do Guild Leaders:
- Look into the several above mentioned changes for the discord bot.
- Talk to the commander volunteers.
- Calculate Cori's payrise into expenses.

A special thanks to those of you that were attending the guild meet on Teamspeak and also to those that were not able to be there, but shared their ideas with us.

Dark, Nova, Storm, Red
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