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Author Topic: I want to make an introduce-thingy as well =O  (Read 3308 times)


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I want to make an introduce-thingy as well =O
« on: November 09, 2014, 09:52:43 pm »
So hey there.
Uhm... so... I'm a member of psdh for maybe a bit more than a week or so, but did a couple TT runs with the guild before that.
Some personal stuff: I'm 25 and just started studying. Something called Modern East Asian Studies (abbr. MOAS in the German term, hell yeah, I'm studying moas =D)
At the moment you can find me at Tequatl as the asura elementalist Quaerya at one of the turrets (most of the time^^) or in the TT event as human necro Ryaeka in one of the condi teams.
Or maybe somewhere chilling in the dirt. =D
And since yesterday I even talk in teamspeak =O
How did that happen... seriously... I have no idea. Since I actually have social anxiety and am really damn insecure about me talking - especially in English. (And I do hope my German accent and my voice doesn't bother anyone... if so just tell me^^ [should I mention my horribly low self-esteem at this moment as well? =| ])
Nevertheless. I enjoyed the events and guild missions so far. I mostly stayed untill almost no one was left in ts. I only listened though, but it was great. It felt sooo much like having friends. Damn awesome people in the guild! Even if I don't really know anyone yet^^
So, uhm... I have the feeling I just rambling weird stuff... I can write a lot (and even talk probably as much as Amanda when I'm comfortable... or extremely nervous^^)
I'm really open about everything so feel free to ask. (I'm probably way too open sometimes, but a lot of things were/are part of my life that seem unnormal for most of the people... but I don't know it any different^^)
Well, I'm gonna stop myself now.
I'm looking forward to play with you guys again and maybe get to know some (all =D) of you.
~ Quaerya/Ryaeka or if you don't want to try to pronounce those names you can call me tiger (from my account name Tigergurke - German for tiger cucumber... and yeah it doesn't make any sense^^)

Amanda Custos

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Re: I want to make an introduce-thingy as well =O
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2014, 11:22:11 pm »
Thanks for pitching in!
Glad you started talking and awesome having you! (:
Grrrrrrrrrr Coffee - Blanket!
Amanda Custos - Guardian, A. Scitus - Elementalist, A. Sly - Thief, A. Bellator - Warrior, A. Night - Necromancer, A. Venatio - Ranger, A. Tsisdu - Ranger, Queen Lativa - Mesmer, Sneaky Impregnator - Engineer.


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Re: I want to make an introduce-thingy as well =O
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2014, 10:14:01 am »
(late) welcome to the guild :D

Don't worry about your voice on teamspeak, it was just fine. PSDH consists of people all over Europe, so most of us have some kind of weird English accent. Nothing to be ashamed or worried about :)
Necro: Darkard | Warrior: Darkward | Ele: Darkauor | Thief: Darksantard | Guard: Darkguard


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Re: I want to make an introduce-thingy as well =O
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2014, 10:27:52 am »
I will ALWAYS pitch in with my tiny asura rubble :D
Maybe we could use that instead of good luck/ marry me Stormwolf and get naked Darkward? Since it adresses everyone. :3
Thank you. I'm really glad I started talking. I feel so much more as part of a group.

Thanks, I'm happy to be here :D

I worry way to much and overthink just about everything. ^^
And like almost everyone else I don't like the sound of my own voice, but I'm glad it's fine at least.
Yeah, I don't mind accents of other people at all, but like Amanda I don't like the German accent and don't want to have one. But in fact I don't even know what my accent sounds like.^^


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Re: I want to make an introduce-thingy as well =O
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2014, 02:35:07 pm »
Yah is you!! After much contemplation I'm deciding that I still don't know totally how to say you chars name but I'm plumping for key-ah-ya ...... or something along those lines.

Germans fine, though I stand by the not liking opera sang in German. Italian on the other hand.... hm wonder if I can talk Red into giving us a performance???

Anyway welcome to the guild and of course feel free to pitch in to the random chatter on ts. Do prepare for it to be weird though ;)


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Re: I want to make an introduce-thingy as well =O
« Reply #5 on: November 10, 2014, 03:22:51 pm »
Yay, it's me :D
Yeah, I'm not sure myself... Leraider pronounces it in a way I think it's good (he mentioned me twice when I stood at one of the turrets for Tequatl) but every time I say it it sounds weird. I think Stormwolf's pronunciation at the guild rush yesterday was good to. But then again... as soon as I say it it sounds awful to me. Maybe because in general I just don't like the way I say things^^
But as long as I recognize the name I'm fine with everything - or tiger for everyone's convenience. ;D

I don't like the sound of the German language.
My favorite languages are English and Japanese (and some other east asian languages like Thai)
I'm pretty much fine with every other language... except maybe German, French and Russian. Don't really like the sound of those languages... well I do like to sing a few Russian songs though xD

Thank you. Since I'm pretty weird I have the feeling I"ll fit in :3
I already feel like talking to you guys for a long time because I feel really comfortable around all of you. :)


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Re: I want to make an introduce-thingy as well =O
« Reply #6 on: November 11, 2014, 02:28:43 pm »
Right that's it you need to teach me more Russian songs. I currently only know Kalinka - we learnt it at school for when we had our sister school from the Kremlin over for a visit. Yeah for some reason my school decided that Russia was going to be the next big world power and so we learnt Russian rather than Germany or Chinese.

Needless to say 20 years on my Russian hasn't had the huge use anticipated and is therefore a tad rusty. On the upside though I retained the important stuff. I can order a cheese sandwich, ice cream, beer and vodka, so at least I won't starve.


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Re: I want to make an introduce-thingy as well =O
« Reply #7 on: November 11, 2014, 07:24:49 pm »
I only know two songs in Russian that I really like to sing. But... you probably heard me talk on ts... and it doesn't get better when I sing =|
When I'm at home I often sing randomly, but only a few close people heard it.

I learned Russian from 9th to 13th grade. Now the only things I can say are "what is your name?" "my name is ..." and some random words like death (don't really know why that word in particular though^^)
I just never really got into the language I guess. And when I came to that school in 9th grade everyone else there had Russian since 1st grade... so I was a little behind^^"

Now I'm learning Japanese since a few weeks ago.
But I already knew a few things, like two songs and some parts of other songs... and a lot of random stuff. Like the famous quote from Hamlet "to be or not to be that is the question"
Also one of the songs I know in Japanese is London Bridge is falling down. I don't know the English nor German lyrics of the song.^^


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