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Author Topic: Triple Trouble Wurm Guides  (Read 12005 times)


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Triple Trouble Wurm Guides
« on: May 03, 2014, 09:01:47 am »
A small selection of wurm guides, if you have another good one which needs to be added. Put it in the comments.

Event Guides

Diboof (Eggsterminate)

Condi Guids
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Triple Trouble Wurm Guides
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2014, 05:38:16 pm »
Wurm Build Skills By Class

Conjure Fiery Greatsword: Great damage output throughout the whole fight if used correctly. this skills you want to use are skill number 3,4 and 5.  Tip for skill 4 Fiery rush, untarget the wurm and rush through it, (also don’t forget to get rid of autotargeting in your options).

Conjured Ice Bow: Also a huge damage boost for the person using it, skills to use here are number 4 and 5 on the wurm.

Arcane Shield: It provides some good defence and is a stun breaker, or alternatively
Arcane Wave:  Provides an additional blast finisher

Staff: probably the most useful weapon to take if you are not a diboofer, it provides the most utility and probably the most damage when using fire element. 

Dagger/Focus - Scepter/Focus: Diboof Eles, NEED to have a focus as an offhand weapon for “Swirling winds”, the other weapon is up too you,  although dagger may be slightly better because with air attunement the auto attack will cleave providing double damage on DPS phase.
Scepter/Dagger for fire fields and blast finisher

Bomb Kit: provides fire fields for blasting and CC for husks.
Elixir B: Good for might stacking, fury and retaliation for phase 2.
Healing turrets: good sustain for the zerg and acts as a Water Field.

Pistol/Shield: Whenever you are not using your Bomb Kit, this setup will provide the best amount of CC, and utility for the zerg.


Wall of Reflection : The 'Must have' skill for Amber (also useful on cobalt for stacking keg-runners); good reflect skill with a fairly short cooldown.  However note that it is a Light Field, so make sure not to place around stack not in it.

Retreat: Also a very important skill, it provides aegis and swiftness, the aegis is especially good to provide a single block on Husks attacks to ignore the knock-up.

Hallowed Ground:  Long cooldown but provides good duration area stability and more importantly it is a Fire Field.  If you take it (except in emergencies) you should save it for use it during burn phase.

Stand Your Ground: Nice group stunbreak and stability (but limited to 5 people) with a shorter cooldown than 'Hallowed Ground'.  However it is NOT a Fire Field!  If you take it, use when stacking on the red arrow instead of the burn phase to prevent the Husks knockback.

Elite: Either Tome of Wrath (especially useful in phase 2) or Renewed Focus (if you're unfamiliar with the event)

Guardians: Be aware of light fields, there is nothing more annoying than blasting retaliation in phase 1 of this fight.  So the things to remember are : NO MACE, NO HAMMER at all (every third auto is a lightfield), No skill 4 on GS, No skill 3 on Staff.

Greatsword:  Good cleaving damage, highly recommend.  DO NOT USE Skill 4 on the phase 1 burn stack because it is a light field and we don’t want to blast retaliation (in phase 1).

Sword / Focus: Good alternative to Greatsword, it provides good damage and defence.  Specced correctly the blinds add vulnerability and focus 5 skill is a blast finisher for might stacking.

Staff:  Only one use: Skill 4 “Empower”, 12 might stacks is great but it is a shorter duration than might stacked by combo blasting fire fields.  DO NOT USE Skill 3 on the phase 1 burn stack because it is (another) light field and we don’t want to blast retaliation (in phase 1). 

Time Warp: …if you need this explained go back to Wurm 101.  Just be careful that you don't place it until after the fire fields have been combo - blasted for might.

Null field:  provides area condition removal and an important skill on Amber as when you get puked out of the wurm you get a weakness debuff,  so some mesmers should place null fields in front of the zerg. Less useful on the other wurms, but can be combined with focus in phase 2 for confusion stacking.

Veil: useful on Cobalt Wurm for losing aggro whilst keg running

Feedback:  Useful reflect skill especially during dps phase if grubs are shooting at us.  But not the most important skill generally.

Signet of inspiration: There is not much a mesmer can take - it gives random boons which are always welcome. Especially useful as it will transfer your boons to your party members, which improves might stacking

Sword / Focus: Main hand because of the cleave it is also very nice damage and can avoid some damage with skill 2 if needed.  Focus provides nice damage and utility.

Scepter/Torch:  A secondary set, - provides great confusion stacking for phase 2.

Epidemic: Transferring conditions is always nice, but the thing you have to look for here is Fear, if you see any then Epidemic the mob and transfer fear to all adjacent mobs.

Signet of Spite:  The passive is nice, but mostly for the conditions! A must have if you are a condi team necro, also highly recommended for a power necro.

Blood is power: Provide 10 stacks of might and 2 stacks of bleeding.

Lich form


Frost spirit: Very nice damage boost for the zerg, highly recommended (if you trait for it).
Entangle: Nice skill to keep the husksaway from the DPS stack, also puts some nice bleeding.
Signet of the Wild - Passive health regen but also active stability and increased damage
Signet of the Hunt - Passive speed boost (useful for Cobalt keg running). Activation increases damage on next attack for you and pet.
Elite: Spirit of Nature:Provides healing and condition clean and revive (so useful in P2).
Alternate Rampage As One: you and pet gain stability fury and swiftness and grant each other might when you attack

-Greatwsword: Main weapon, good cleaving damage.
-Warhorn: Same reason as warrior, its an easy blast gives a speedboost (especially useful on crimson), it also provides fury to allies.

Jungle Stalker for Phase 1 - for Might stacking
Reef Drake for Phase 2 - Confusion stacking and blast finisher

Personal preferance. The only thing to know is do not use stealth skills.
Haste: provides some quickness so its always extra dps.
Assassin’s signet: for extra power and damage.
Devourer venom:  can also be nice for the immobilize on husks.

Shortbow: Every thief should have one as a secondary weapons, for the skill 2 (Cluster Bomb) blast finisher, for stacking might in burn phase.

Dagger / Dagger: The main reason here is the cleave for double damage on DPS phase.

Battle standard : Gives 1 might/second, fury, swiftness and revives 5 downed people.  This is the 'must have' skill.  Probably one of the most important ones throughout the whole fight (especially Phase 2!) 

Balanced stance: Very useful - providing stability and swiftness on 45s cooldown.  Especially good in phase 2 to ignore the wurm knockbacks.   Can replace with Dolyak signet (although longer cooldown and damage reduction isn’t that useful if you dodge correctly).

Banner of strength: Very nice boost for the zerg, this stays a good choice, just be careful with the banner placement (outside the stack please!)

Banner of Discipline: A decent dps boost for phase 2 only.   Not all Warriors should use it since it is USELESS on phase 1.

Fear me! : Phase 1 skill  for when everyone is stacking on the red arrow to keep the husks away.   No use in phase 2.  Recommand switching it for a Banner of strength. 

For Great Justice : Good might stacking, fury and a very short cooldown.
Shake it off':  Nice group condition cleanse and personnal stun breaker, but not all Warriors should take this (or damage output will suffer).

Greatsword: Recommended.  Probably the biggest damage dealer for a warrior.
Sword: Especially nice for gap closer on wurm during phase 2.
Axe: Better damage than sword but lacks mobility.
Warhorn: Recommand offhand weapon, as it provides an easy blast finisher with skill 5 (call to arms).
optional Longbow for fire field + blast finisher

Skill Chat Codes
Guardians: [&ByMkAAA=], [&B8EjAAA=], [&B3wjAAA=], ([&B8IjAAA=] or [&BwMkAAA=])
Elementalists: [&BwkWAAA=], [&BwYWAAA=], [&B78VAAA=], [&B4wVAAA=]
Warriors: ([&B0k4AAA=] or [&B0M4AAA=]), [&B0w4AAA=], [&B0U4AAA=], [&B1M4AAA=]
Mesmers: [&B9snAAA=], [&B8snAAA=], [&Bz4oAAA=], [&B4koAAA=]
Thiefs: Shortbow for blasting fire fields
Engineers: [&B70WAAA=], [&B7QWAAA=], [&B+wWAAA=]
Necromancers: [&B24pAAA=], [&BzApAAA=], [&B34pAAA=], [&BzYpAAA=]
Rangers: [&B9EwAAA=], [&B/4wAAA=], [&BxkxAAA=]
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Triple Trouble Wurm Guides
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2014, 07:59:18 pm »
Very useful. Can you edit preferred weapons in please?
Like for Guardian NO HAMMER and for Thief, Mesmer, Ranger, and so on: sword/other cleaving weapons.


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Re: Triple Trouble Wurm Guides
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2014, 03:47:48 pm »
While I was at the TTS wurm reflectors training (have to join it all the times when i do it) they gave out this guide, seems interesting


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You Too Can Command On Amber Wurm...
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2014, 12:06:59 pm »
....with this helpful and simple guide anyone can run through the spiel and sound like they know what they're doing ;)
These are my fight / walkthrough notes (mine! I wrote them!) born of long (and bitter) experience for getting people through amber. If you have questions after reading it (and participating in the fight a couple of times please ask).  Likewise if you think I missed something obvious let me know.  Some of the info is common to all three wurms.  Some of it is relevant to the walkthrough (e.g. positioning info) requires your presence on the walkthrough - maybe I'll make a map... anyway, FWIW...

Amber Wurm Notes

1) Synopsis
Fight in two phases phase 1 wurm decap and phase 2 kill the head
In phase 1 Wurm is a 'structure' - is invul to crit damage – if you don't know the fight use PVT gear to keep you alive longer). Also use sharpening stones and stack bloodlust pre-fight if possible.  In phase 2 wurm head is legendary mob that can be critted - use your best dps gear.

In phase 1 wurm has 4 attacks
- Husk Spawn: Three husks spawn from spit animation. They will spawn at the same locations every time (cannot be blocked).  If you get hit by the husk landing you will be instantly downed.  Husks have very high toughness - leave the condi damage team to deal with them.  Avoid getting aggro on them if possible - we don't want them anywhere near the dps stack.

 - Egg Spawn : The wurm spits 6 eggs at fixed locations, animation is the same as when it spits Husks.  The eggs can be blocked by 'diboof team' (aka eggsterminators) using reflects / swirling winds at the right time.   

- Low spin : The wurm spin attacks with a small red AOE around the wurm.  Unless we are about to enter a burn phase you can probably ignore the spin (except for diboofers) However this is a warning that the wurm is going to spit a large number of AOEs which hurt a lot - and are usually focused on the main mass of players so be prepared to dodge (sometimes twice depending on amount of overlap).

- High spin:  This is basically the an AOE knockdown surrounding the wurm.  The area is larger although it will not spit when doing a high spin.  The circle is larger than the stacking point when waiting to get swallowed by the wurm so be prepared to dodge on the stacking point.

Phase 1
Make wurm vulnerable to damage by removing 20 stacks of slickskin from the wurm
To remove stacks need to shoot wurm with harpoon… unfortunately Harpoon is inside the wurm - 20 harpoons required. 
To get harpoon we need to get swallowed by wurm
To get swallowed we need to kill the Plague Abomination (mob with yellow icon). 
Always target wurm with Ctrl+T at the start of the fight to make retargetting easier after puke.

Part 1 – Kill the Abomination
Stack on commander and kill – stand in goop  to get yellow 'wurm attractant' buff.  Autoatttack to give people time to stack - also using CC can cause goop to bug out.   NB  Mob has few hp and dies fast. Important that we don’t kill before people are stacked to receive buff.  Wurm spit can negate the buff so if you see orange circles under Abom do not kill it immediately  (dodge out). Always Dodge orange circles anyway!).

Part 2- Stack for Swallow
Once you have yellow buff follow commander towards the red arrow marking point where wurm will swallow us. 
Do not run straight in if wurm is in middle of AoE move - wait for move to complete. 
We need 20+ people stacked with buff for wurm to swallow us.
Use WoR around stack to deflect wurm spit.   Ele can use swirling winds. 
If husks are near place stability on stack to prevent knock up.
Use aegis to prevent parasites.  Warriors ‘Fear Me’ to chase husks away. 
Do not use falling damage reduction traits – this will prevent blasting water fields inside wurm. 
When 20 people are stacked wurm will then swallow us (after it completes current animation sequence).

Part 3 – Inside the Wurm
First and most important PICK UP A HARPOON – this can be found behind you (turn around 180 when you drop in wurm – look for skeleton). F to Pick up harpoon.  Turn back around and shoot pyloric valve with harpoon. 
Drop water fields  for healing.  No banners, no conjured weapons inside wurm.  If we need a rez banner I’ll call for it.
Pick up downed people inside wurm (if you get downed get a new harpoon). 
When valve is on 0hp Stop shooting  -don’t waste your 1 remaining harpoon shot
Harpoon most important – success or fail depends on it.

Part 4 – Vomit and Shoot
Few seconds after valve is destroyed, wurm will vomit us out in the pile of crates <….here>.
Can use stun break to get up fast but more important that guards use retreat and mesmers use null field along path.   Everyone run through null field to remove weakness debuff.
Ensure you have wurm targeted before shooting harpoon, and a clear line of sight on wurm (don’t shoot if there are wurms / husks blocking your LoS). 
Range - Do not shoot your harpoon immediately – you will be out of range and waste shot.
Do not weapon swap – again you will lose harpoon
Don’t wander into AoE range (knockdown will lose harpoon).   
Volley fire harpoons once you see stacks going down (we need all harpoons fired in ~5 seconds). 
If we remove all 20 stacks we go into DPS phase.  If not we clear small wurms. 

Part 5 – DPS Stack
The other Important part of fight - good teamwork can take 20-25% of wurm health per phase.
Stack might – put down fire fields and blast.  No other fields please (esp.light fields as retaliation is useless - wurm is passive)
Banners (strength only) outside stack.  Discipline / Tactics no use here
Conjured weapons in stack – ice bows and FGS . Not hammers
Timewarp after 5-6 sec of might blasting (or at 25 stacks)
Cleaving weapons for double damage (stack on comm stag for double damage spot)
If small wurms / husks near big wurm use epidemic on big wurm to spread conditions to small ones.
Keep attacking as long as possible until you see 0 damage then run out back towards start point.

Part 6 – Upset Stomach
After wurm becomes invul, run back towards start point, dodge out of AoE as necessary. 
Waterfields down  & blast for healing. 
At this point we will still have ‘upset stomach’ debuff which means we cannot get swallowed again by the wurm until it goes.  During this phase (~30s) as kill eggs, larvae & wurms in that order. 
Try to stack and work together to take down a few mobs (better to remove 2-3 than leave all at 50% health)
If you see people / pets attacking plague abom try to call them off.  We don't want to have to wait for the next abom to spawn - can cost us 30s..
As the Upset Stomach ends we move back to Abomination then rinse and repeat.

End of Phase 1 Timing
All wurms (amber, crimson, cobalt) must be killed inside 60 seconds to transition. 
We have to coordinate kill between wurms.  Commanders are on Whisper list
Due to the time it takes to execute stages 1..5 we need to start the final husk with around 1:45 left on timer (slightly less if only a short burn is needed to decap) or we will not complete the burn in time.
Do not burn the wurm down until there are under 60 seconds left or told to do so. 
If we are early just take wurm down to 3-5% and leave it.

Phase 2
Assuming amber isn’t last to die, in time before last wurm head is killed try to kill the small wurms nearest the wall. 
Wurm can be critted in P2.  Can switch to zerker gear.   
Do not chase the decap wurm around – wait for it to spawn
Everyone should always be stacking between the Wurm and the closest wall (back towards the wall).
The head will move around during the fight and the idea is to lure it into a wall.
Wurm charge attack - targets PC or pet anywhere in range - we do not want to chase the wurm around - this is lost DPS.
Note head can select any object for charge target including clones / pets / minions - Rangers get pets under control (passive) until wurm is in place.  Necro minions also. Mesmers shatter existing clones.

Kill Kill Kill
This part is short, nasty and brutal - we have only 2 mins to kill head. 
Need to do as much damage as possible and control the fight. 
Wurm cannot be CCd / immobilised though – we need to stack and get the head to the wall
Can be stacked full of conditions – confusion is especially good so it kills itself.
Wurm has 3 attack moves:
Wiggle attack - just heal and attack through it
Jump attack – use stability / aegis or dodge
Charge attack – dodge out when you see it rear up!  Dodge sideways or back not into wall
If it gets away from stack do not run behind it - move alongside wurm – poison & cripples
Extra dps – use pet whistles Fire eles. And Mortar kits, engie turrets etc
Rez Banner sequence (warriors hang back until banner down)

Always pick up downed people.  Dead people WP to Whisperwill
Mushrooms - do not eat them! >1 will give parasites debuff – spreading effect through everyone in stack..
Food – will be provided (feast of truffle steak) before we start escort.  Bring your own sharpening stones (or equivalent).

Note on Field Stacking - oldest field takes precedence.  We want to blast on fire fields for might.  Other fields (especially light fields) can prevent us from stacking might in the short window available.  This can make a big difference in damage done.  Guardian Hammers – light fields on auto = do not use!
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Re: Triple Trouble Wurm Guides
« Reply #5 on: October 28, 2014, 10:54:40 pm »
Khain asked me to post an update to Ranger skills

I use...

Heal as one - only personal(and pet) heal sadly but importanly it is NOT a water field (healing spring is so i avoid it).
Frost spirt - bonus damage to nearby allies in a 1000 range (i tend to put this down during the burn phases
Signet of the Wild - Passive health regen but also active stability and increased damage

then either
Signet of the hunt - passive increase to speed (i find this useful for keg running on cobolt!) Active yours and pets next attack to more damage.


Quickening Zephyr - you and pet gain quickness BUT reduces healing by 50% (personally not totally convinced by this?????)

Then theres 2 options for elite skill that i use..

Rampage as One - you and pet gain stability fury and swiftness and grant each other might when you attack.


Spirit of Nature - Spirit heals allies also can revive and cure conditions on nearby allies. So sometimes useful on P2.


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Re: Triple Trouble Wurm Guides
« Reply #6 on: February 09, 2015, 12:44:54 pm »
If you're a condi necro, there is a brilliant guide by Akuma here
As she has already pointed out, there is a mistake regarding condition duration - you cannot go over 100%, so choose between Sigil of Agony, Hemophilia and Lingering Curse.
Actually I think all condies, regardless of profession, should read this.

Akuma Emiko

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TT wurm skillsets
« Reply #7 on: April 05, 2015, 03:07:09 pm »
Moves for the great jungle wurm (for commanders)

All - Elementalists: for heals and blasts: [&B5hUAAA=],[&B/gVAAA=],
 [&B2YWAAA=] in [&B3YVAAA=] strikes 36 times,
 [&ByIWAAA=] in [&B3QVAAA=]

All -Engineer:
Choice of [&B60WAAA=]/[&BycXAAA=]/ [&B1AXAAA=]/ [&B+YWAAA=], [&B+wWAAA=]

Ranger: [&B8kwAAA=] (water field, heal), [&BwYxAAA=] (quickness) , [&B8swAAA=] (speed and stability), [&B9EwAAA=], [&B+QwAAA=](PETS: Juvenile Jungle Stalker & Juvenile River Drake)

All -Thief:
[&B/oyAAA=], [&BwozAAA=](quickness – no edurance)/[&BwQzAAA=] (move speed), [&B/YyAAA=], [&BwYzAAA=] (edurance back up), [&Bx0zAAA=]

All - Warrior: [&BzU4AAA=], [&B0U4AAA=], [&B0Q4AAA=],[&ByA4AAA=], [&B1M4AAA=]

Cobalt - Guardian: [&B44jAAA=],[&B3wjAAA=], [&ByUkAAA=], [&B8EjAAA=], [&BwMkAAA=]
Other - Guardian: [&B44jAAA=], [&ByMkAAA=] => [&B3wjAAA=], [&ByUkAAA=], [&B8EjAAA=], [&BwMkAAA=]

Cobalt - Necro: [&BwJVAAA=],[&B3QpAAA=] or [&By0pAAA=],[&BzApAAA=],[&B34pAAA=],[&BzYpAAA=]
Crimson - Necro: [&BwJVAAA=],[&B3QpAAA=] or [&By0pAAA=],[&BzApAAA=],[&B34pAAA=],[&BzYpAAA=]
Amber - Necro: [&BwJVAAA=],[&B3EpAAA=],[&BzApAAA=],[&B34pAAA=],[&BzYpAAA=]

Amber - Mesmer: [&B+UnAAA=],[&B/0nAAA=],[&B9snAAA=],[&B/wnAAA=],[&B0coAAA=]
Cobalt – Mesmer: [&B/wnAAA=], [&B8snAAA=], [&B98nAAA=] (or [&B+MnAAA=]) => [&B/0nAAA=] and [&B0coAAA=]
Crimson –(needs updating)


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