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Author Topic: Raiding with PSDH  (Read 3146 times)


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Raiding with PSDH
« on: February 17, 2015, 07:18:37 pm »
Raiding with PSDH

When is PSDH doing events and/or raids?
Please refer to our schedule for when which events and raids are organized.

Can I join a PSDH event/raid while not being a PSDH member?
Of course you can! Our TeamSpeak is open for all Guild Wars 2 players, so hop on TeamSpeak and join the event/raid channel. Teamspeak information can be found at the top right side of our website.

I have never done the event/raid before?
Our members and commanders are always willing to help you out and explain the event before it starts.

Why do I need to join TeamSpeak?
The reason we use TeamSpeak is to make communication between our members much simpler and faster. If you’re not careful the game will suppress anyone who types a lot in chat and squad chat is limited to only 50 players. By utilizing voice chat our commanders are able to give commands much faster than by having to type everything (and without the chance of being suppressed halfway through an event).

We can also determine the amount of players paying attention by looking at the number of people in the TeamSpeak channels. Don't mute TeamSpeak audio as you will be kicked from the event channels and potentially miss out of the event.

We only require you to be listening on TeamSpeak, unless you’re playing a role which requires talking.

How are events/raids organized?
Before an event/raid starts the following will happen:
  • 1 hour before event: Whispers are send out to all online members who are not representing PSDH at that moment (a message will also be sent out in guild chat)
  • 30 minutes before event: Jump into the event map - the jump will be coordinated on TeamSpeak
  • After the jump, commanders will find a suitable (almost empty) map instance
  • When an instance has been chosen, taxis will be offered on TeamSpeak
You can check which map instance you are on by using the "/ip" command in the chat window. This will give you the server IP. The commanders' chosen server IP will be placed in the TeamSpeak event channel name. If you are on a different instance you will need a taxi.

"Taxi" is the name for switching from one map instance to another. Use the "/join" command to join someone’s party, right click their party icon at the left side of your screen and then choose "Join at [map name]". People already in the map will put their "/join <character_name>" in TeamSpeak chat for you to copy. 

If you get a message saying the map is full, you will have to keep trying because sometimes the server can be throttled due to the amount of people joining in a small period. Taxi-ing people after the jump is never a guarantee that you will get into the same map but we will do our best to find a map which appears to be empty. If you are online at the time we jump then you are far more likely to be able to participate than if you log in 5 minutes before the event starts!

Am I allowed to go AFK?
Do not go AFK unless you really have to. Make sure you are not AFK when the jump is about to happen. If you do go AFK, make sure you are stacked on the commander. Do not AFK near the Hylek turrets during Tequatl or the waypoint during Triple Trouble Wurm.
You should be back 10~15 minutes before the event starts, because for some events the commanders will do a walkthrough. If you must afk and you are performing a designated role in the event please let your party and the commander / coordinator know via an in-game whisper or TeamSpeak message, with an indication of when you will be back.
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